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 Sermon: An Enlightened Perspective on Dying, by Brenha

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PostSubject: Sermon: An Enlightened Perspective on Dying, by Brenha   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:22 pm

Posted to the holy room board Sept 27th, 2016

A few days ago, I had gone hunting with a friend, and fellow acolyte where we
traveled into the dark part of the swamp and besides having a formidable priest
look after me and healing me and my healing myself, and food, good armor and a
capable weapon, I still managed to have the life sucked out of me and died to a
creature in the swamp known as a Carrion Crawler.

It was awful. I remember my soul being separated from my body and spirits
telling me to pray to Waylumi that she might put me back together and allow me
to see another day. Thankfully, She did revive me, and I returned tired, naked
and a bit shaken to Her Temple in Gahlen.

What happened next, surprised me. Clerics and other Faithful, rallied around
me. They went after the creature that had slain me, brought it to it's demise
and by the grace of Waylumi many of my things were retrieved, and within
moments, the little that I had lost, had been replaced. I felt such humility
and thankfulness then. That I belong to a faith that belongs to the Lady of
Light, and lives by Her teachings.

Our Lady says we are to, "In your heart and in your mind, let the true love of
the Light shine. Be generous with the blessings given unto you and show
compassion to those souls in need." In the moments of my resurrection I saw the
Love of the Light, which came to me through the healing hands of Clerics and
Faith followers, who brought me food and healed my body from its many scars.
Never had I seen such love and compassion for someone as I received at that

We are to know the Honour of Light. Our Lady says, "Walk bold with truth in
hand and free forever be within the light of the path from the lies and wicked
dealings of the darkness. Refuse the temptation to adopt its ways, for darkness
only creates darkness." It was with Honor that those who went to look for my
body to bury took with them that day when they went into the dark area of the
swamp to bury me and recover my things. None of them had to go, but as
followers of Her Light, they went as an example of her Light in helping one who
was weaker. By their example they taught me the Honour of Light.

The Wisdom of the Light, tells us to be wise in the ways of the Light of the
path. Discern with keen eyes and an open heart the truth of all things
illuminated. Stand firm holding the Light in one hand, the rod of Truth in the
other. I saw this that evening with the conversations that happened shortly
after among the faith. I heard those who have had more time with Her, than
myself or other such young acolytes, talk of how being recovered from one's
death gives one the gift of greater devotion.

Then others seemed to attempt to discount those words, by saying that Lady
Waylumi resurrects us because it is just what She does. However, I think this
is inaccurate. She does return us to Life and allows us to further carry out
Her work, but this is nothing She has to do. She could have let my soul remain
separated, instead of showing me compassion and returning me to walk again.
Further conversation continued and others spoke of how their devotion had grown
during difficult trials.

In the fourth tenet, Vigilance of the Light, it tells us, "The Light is ever
watchful, shining Eternal from all things that shine with illumination, both
within and without. We are to hold courage and valor in our hearts to shield
ourselves and others from the darkness that seeks to destroy."

The day that I fell, I was not being vigilant at all. I wasn't aware of the
strength of the creatures we were going in after. I wasn't mindful of my wounds
and things went from bad to worse rather quickly. Had I blessed my armor,
prayed for the protection of Waylumi, had I asked more about the creatures we
were going in after, had food in my hands and not buried deep in my backpack,
perhaps I wouldn't have fallen that day.

So in dying, I also learned, the importance of Vigilance. How we hope to never
need it, but to always be prepared and to always be ready to wield the mace and
be knowledgable of our foe.

I am not going to stand before you and say death is good, but I will say, as
does happen I think so many times. Much good comes forth out of tragedy. I saw
the carrying out of the Lady's Tenets in detail that day, which helped me to
learn them better, which has drawn me closer to the Lady of Light, whom I
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Sermon: An Enlightened Perspective on Dying, by Brenha
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