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 sermon - Cake, by Astere

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PostSubject: sermon - Cake, by Astere   Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:49 pm

Posted to the holy room board Feb 23, 2013

I love cake. Its sort of like one of those gifts from the Goddess, you know?
You have a crappy day. Everyone is grumpy at you. Your mace breaks, you tear
a hole in your cloak. Wagons have the audacity to damn near run you
over...twice! You go to the tavern for a drink and all you get is tepid tea
and watching two happily ensconsed citizens making out at a table, completely
and rudely oblivious to your foul mood. How dare they enjoy each other.

And then, just when your day couldn't possibly get worse. Just when you feel
you are at your lowest. You see it. Hidden in your pouch like a golden beacon
of bliss.

Cake. Glorious and rich in its decedance. Triumphantly, you pull it from its
carefully wrapped packaging and stare at it. Almost adoringly. Your spirit
takes flight in anticipation of that first bite. Ah, but not yet. First, you
must enjoy the emotional backflips at your newfound solace. The heady scent of
sweet frosting, the aroma dancing amid your senses as your mouth damn near
salivates from want. You find your mood already lifting, just being in the
vicinity of such a wonderous creation.

And then, you take that much needed bite. Oh, your eyes close as a soft breath
exhales. Every bit of negativity leaves you and is replaced by the deliciously
euphoric happiness that fills you as you digest that first bite of sweetness.
With each taste, you find your mood lifting, your spirit becoming empowered.
And, by the time you finish you realize that maybe the day wasn't so bad after

To all you bakers of such goodies, I applaud you. Its not easy. It takes a
lot of ingredients to make a perfect cake. You need eggs, flour, milk, spices,
flavorings. Then, it takes time to bake it to perfection. Because as anyone
who has ever baked a cake will tell you, you have to be gentle when mixing the
ingredients. You must pay attention to the task at hand and carefully watch
the cake as it rises and cooks. Too long and it will be dry. Too short and it
will fall flat. And, further patience to let it cool and set before frosting

But, even then, the task has not reached completion. You have to carefully
stack the tiers and frost them. Decorate it and then, when you have put all
that effort into it...the crowning finish. Sharing it with others. Because,
while making a cake is great. It really only becomes perfection when others
can enjoy it.

Fellowship is like that. It takes many different people to make a fellowship.
And, it takes time to foster and probably a large amount of patience to see it
to fruition. And, even then, it must have a deep-seated faith to hold it all
together. But, just like the baker who stands back and marvels at their
creation, the Lady smiles down upon us as she gives us the gift of Fellowship.
For, it is food for the spirit and the soul. Our lives are better for the
effort that we put into it. Fellowship is about standing together on common
ground, shared interests and comradeship. About empowering each other and
sharing a bond that strengthens our spirits.

Critisism and lack of acceptance are to fellowship what over mixing or under
cooking are to a cake. We all have a tendency to criticize people who don't do
or say things the way we think they ought to be said or done. When we see
someone doing something different than our way. We must remember though, just
as there are multitudes of different types of cake there are many different
paths to a final solution.

We all come from different backgrounds. Race, upbringing, cultural, societal.
However, the Lady is the great unifying factor. It is Her teachings that bring
us together. She speaks through each of us differently and may we continue to
have the courage to hear Her words and speak them how we best know how. We
don't have to all look the same, talk the same, come at problems the same.
But, we do have to listen. To encourage. To accept. To promote prosperity.
We can disagree. But we don't have to disintegrate because of it. We can
argue. But we don't have to close ourselves off because of it. We do however
have to have respect for others. Just as we have a right to be respected. We
should never create chasms that make us stand apart. Because, if we lose the
common ground, then we have lost far more than just our fellowship. We have
lost the intent of our Lady's wisdoms.

So, let fellowship be your spiritual cake. Appreciate it. Enjoy it. Let it
soothe you and raise you up. And, in turn, do that same thing to those around
you. Be a beacon of encouragement and growth. Compassion and understanding.
Teach. Guide. Lead by example.

Disagree when you feel you have something to say. Speak out when you see
things that you feel are overlooked. Fellowship is also about having the
confidence and security to know that your voice matters. And, don't let others
stifle you. Nor do the same to them. If you're more a cookie person, I
promise, you can still find happiness in my fellowship. More cake for me!

I make light, but you all know what I mean. we don't have to always get along.
We don't have to always have the same solution or the same views on everything.
We don't have to like the same things or act exactly the same. The Lady
doesn't want that either. The Light has many sources. Each special in their
own way. A candle. A fire. A smoldering ember. A blazing inferno or the soft
flicker of a torch.

Let us be a creation of epic proportions. A fellowship that invokes that sense
of freedom and communion that brings about the Lady's light. Reflective in
each of us even if by different means. Because, like the baker that takes a
multitude of unobscure items and creates cake, the Lady takes each of our
personal flames and creates Light.
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sermon - Cake, by Astere
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