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 talking tree sermon transcript, sermon by Aurea

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PostSubject: talking tree sermon transcript, sermon by Aurea   Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:34 pm

Posted on the holy room board Jan 17, 2013

Aurea stands in front of those gathered, smiling warmly at everyone. A playful air about her, eyes twinkling kindly. "Two Gahlen native merchants started a treacherous journey to the down southlands of Darmahk. Long before the caravans of the merchants guild became an average thing. They went in hopes of selling their norden wares that they had strapped to their backs."

Aurea says, "They trudged on and on, worn down by the weight of their burdens in the heat of the summer's sun & thirsting from the dry desert heat. They were shocked to come across a tree!"

>Aurea makes a face as if she is utterly shocked! Hands on either side of her face and her mouth in a exaggerated "oh!"expression.

>Aurea takes on an extra cheerful voice as she continues talking "The first merchant said to his companion "I've made this expedition time and time again, I've seen no tree before! Surely we are being smiled upon by the Gods

>Aurea flops down on the ground as she tells her story. Kicked back with her hands behind her head and her legs crossed at the ankles, looking completely comfortable staring up at the sky, she continues telling her tale. "They laid themselves down at noon under the wide-spread branches of the never before seen Plane-Tree."

>Aurea sits up and hunches over as she speaks in a grouchy tone while taking on the role of the complaining merchant "As they rested under its shade, the second of the Travelers said to the other, "What a singularly useless tree is to the Plane! No way would the Gods would have placed such a forsaken tree here! It bears no fruit, and is not of the least service to man."

>Aurea jumps up to her feet with great energy and speaks in her deepest booming voice to illustrate the disdain of the plane-Tree "THEN! The Plane-Tree shifted with great life, and spoke in a booming voice, interrupting him, the tree said, "You ungrateful fellow! Do you, while receiving benefits from me and resting under my shade,dare to describe me as useless, and unprofitable?"

Aurea says, "With that, the plane tree picked up his roots and went right on is way, leaving the merchants to suffer in the heat of the shadeless desert. "

>Aurea comically yanks up her dress hem and robes in a overly dramatic fashion before huffing off a few steps away from the others to show the antics of the plane-Tree from her story.

>Aurea stalls the trudging a little longer to nibble on a cookie for a moment, then goes on talking like nothing happened.

Aurea says, "As you can imagine the men picked up their wares and plodded along the rest of the journey sweating and swearing like sailors, ruing being so ungrateful."

>Aurea smiles kindly before starting to speak in an soft, and serious tone. Her voice carrying over to those gathered. "The moral here is, that we sometimes underrate our best blessings. Each and every faith and non devoted alike."

Aurea says, We take our Ateraanly and divine given blessings for granted. I so often raise my arms up to call down the miraculous protection of my Goddess, without really feeling, and appreciating the awesome power flowing through me. Aurea says, "So I ask you, today while you are planting your flower, creating a rune, tailoring something, or even using a combat tactic to hunt, that you have been taught thanks to your respective leaders or deities...please take a moment and think of the blessings bestowed upon you. Whatever they may be."

>Aurea bows her head takes a short moment to pray in silence before softly murmuring "Thank you Goddess for the powers you place in my humble hands, the knowledge from your lessons, and the opportunity to preach your good word"

Aurea says, "May Light guide you all down prosperous paths, filled with love and righteousness, and many blessings bestowed up you. May you count your blessings and the fruits of life. Be thankful each day in-turn. Praise Waylumi!"
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talking tree sermon transcript, sermon by Aurea
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