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 Sermon: You or the Hatchet, by Sae

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PostSubject: Sermon: You or the Hatchet, by Sae   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:06 pm

Posted to the holy room board Jul 6th, 2015

"You or the Hatchet"

Beloved, there is perhaps no greater insult to a relationship than betrayal.
Betrayal robs us of a sense of security, as someone close to us has proven
untrustworthy. Most of us have felt the sting of betrayal-- likely that most of
us have even inflicted it.

But whether it's infidelity that wrongs us, or a simple lie told of our name,
most of us will feel upset in some way, shape or form.

And that is natural, that is mortal.

However, there are dangers in failing to overcome the pain. Losing the ability
to trust, becoming a slave to vengeance, not acknowledging the pain and thereby
exposing yourself to further hurt, and emotional numbing which will eventually
lead to the inability to experience joy, as well name a few.

We must work through the pain to establish our true sense of security. And this
begins with forgiveness.

Dear friends, to hold a grudge is self-inflicted torment. When you're
resentful, it always hurts you more than the person you feel or act against. It
invests your time in hate, and continues to sap away your energy and time.

But when you forgive, you free yourself from the promise of yet more hurt.
Note this, however, to forgive does not mean you're inclined to subject
yourself to more abuse. No, forgiveness does not negate wisdom.

If your friend steals from you and swears he will repent, you must accept and
forgive him. However, you must also remember that no one is infallible, and
take his heart's tendencies into consideration when you put away your coin.
Forgiveness doesn't excuse behavior. It keeps said behavior from destroying
your heart.

This is the line between begrudging paranoia and suspicion, and wise forgiving.

And finally, learn to forgive because you are forgiven everyday.

The deities, whomever you follow see your failings but they do not take you to
eternal death until it is your time. They forgive, they acknowledge our
tendency to stumble and do not judge us by our mortal nature. Rather, they
accept it -as well as- our promise to strive sincerely against further failures

The Lady's church holds its heart not for wickedness, and not for pent up
resentment. You will be done wrong, you will be snipped at, interrupted,
stepped on and quarreled with before your days are over.

But you can rise above the hatred with a pure heart. My friends, you must or it
will begin an endless cycle of anger. So answer the bells, even if you don't
like the ringer. Help with the caravans, because the experience will make you
strong. Assist in the evasive maneuvers of invasions, because you love what is
behind you more than you hate what is in front of you.

Esteemed audience, there will come a time when you must choose which to bury:
you or the hatchet? I hope you will choose wisely.

Let us pray.
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Sermon: You or the Hatchet, by Sae
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