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 Sermon: Love, by Greanth

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PostSubject: Sermon: Love, by Greanth   Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:18 am

Posted to the holy room board Sept 10th, 2016

It is common place in our society for those of the Darkness and those
who stand outside of the Light to feel that Waylumi and her Clerics
dislike or hate the Dahkoarim. While it is true we stand against the
Darkness and Dahkoar, we do not stand against those who follow him out
of hate for them. We do so because we and the Lady of Light love them
with all of our hearts.

The Darkness is like the Ourourboros, a snake that is depicted as
devouring its own tail, the Darkness is a force of greed and selfishness
that seeks to devour the spirits and power of any it can get a hold of.
Dahkoar does not want mortal followers in order to assist them or make
them stronger in His name. He simply wants an army to preserve Himself
against the Light, and even if that Army should triumph He would
continue to corrupt more and more in His Greed to be One true divine
being in all the cosmos.

We of the Light see this, we know that those within the Darkness are
crippled in their spirits by the Darkness as it feeds on them and
washes away their doubts with false whispers of promised power.
Waylumi loves all mortals, those in the Darkness are no exception,
it is always with a heavy heart and cloak of sadness that Waylumi and
her followers move against those who have been rooted deeply in the
Darkness, for their salvation is our goal not their destruction.
Unfortunately, sometimes salvation requires sacrifice and pain in
order to be achieved, and this sacrifice comes when the dove must
wield her mace and defend the light from those she wishes to save.

Now, I've touched on how Waylumi does not wish the death of followers
of Dahkoar, though she will not hesitate to smite them should Her faith
and faithful need to be defended, I will now speak on Waylumi's love for
Ateraan itself. Many believe that the war between Light and Dark is a
harmful experience for Ateraan, and that it only fuels the Dread's
draining of Ateraan's power by weakening our world further.

I disagree on this subject, Waylumi loves Ateraan just as much as
she loves all of the mortals upon it and when the prayer of world
healing is used, as it has been by the WaylumiLord on a few occasions,
I believe the power is also directed to Ateraan itself. I am not
claiming that Ateraan needs Waylumi to survive, not at all, but I
am saying that Waylumi tries to assist Ateraan where she can with
her domain over the healing arts, and has encouraged her faithful
and Clerics to assist in fighting off the Dread when they emerge in
order to give the Druids and Ateraan's faithful a helping hand, so
to speak.

Waylumi's love transcends our understanding. Her love is so great that
many may be confused or overwhelmed by the concept of it as it is hard
to understand how She can love those who as flawed as us sapients or
those who directly move against Her and Her faithful in the Darkness.
But I assure you, She does love them and you with all of her divine
being. The love of Waylumi is so great that she seeks not personal
gain from fighting Dahkoar, she only seeks to protect us from what
would happen if She was to destroy Him or be Destroyed. She does
not ask for gain or worship unto herself when she speaks or in her
tenets. She instead asks us to share Her love with all and protect
those who can not protect themselves, such is Her infinite concern
and love for us and our world.
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Sermon: Love, by Greanth
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