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 Sermon on Vigilance, by Quinthyll

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PostSubject: Sermon on Vigilance, by Quinthyll   Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:13 am

Posted to the holy room board Oct 7th, 2016

The tenets of Waylumi are known to many, but how well known even among those of the faith. Love, honor, wisdom, and vigilance. None more important than the other. Each a pillar upon which the very foundation of faith is built. Hour after hour could be spent speaking on any of them, yet I call together this gathering to deliver a sermon toward the virtue of vigilance.

Allow me to begin at from the words of the Lady of Light, the tenet itself.

Know the Vigilance of the Light: The Light is ever watchful, shining Eternal from all things that shine with illumination, both within and without. Hold courage and valor in your hearts to shield yourself and there's from the
darkness that seeks to destroy. Fear not the dark for in victory thou shalt gain the lands but in defeat thou shalt be called up to Waylumi and become a part of the Light. Thou shalt dwell within the heavens where the immortal
battle is waged and the true victory is won. So with zeal and fervor rule the day and bring radiance to the night.

With that, I offer to you my thoughts on the matter, in a way such that I hope each of you find enlightening, uplifting, worthy of her grace, and in my own way different from how it has been presented in the past.

We strive to be vigil so as to always see, all that is and could ever be. Always eyes wide and mind ever open, watching about and to hear what is spoken. Find meaning where others may see not, wage battle that most would dare never sought. Walk the path aware of all that is around, listening to that which makes nary a sound.

It is possible to be lead away to the dark, if ever so driven turn back to the spark. The walk of another could lead away from truth, do what feel holy and not towards the uncouth. Avoid following another away from all pure, know that through enlightened vision you can always find the cure. Easy to follow yet only few can direct, the walk of the righteous is what we must always elect.

The light is ever present for any to seek out, refreshing as a well in the midst of a drought. Should ever the soul become weak or weary, look within yourself for the Lady to answer your query. Where some see darkness in all
that is done, know that her guidance is pure as the rising sun. One need only quiet the noises you hear, clear as a bell the answer shall appear.

Some things to keep watch are from within our own mind, pull back on our thoughts to see what is divine. If ever unsure if the direction is true, pause for a moment for the light to give a clue. Light will not shine from a conscious that is shrouded, let her blessing guide your wisdom lest your path be clouded. Look in one self before a gaze on those around, what you will find is sure to astound.

In order to take in the all there is to know, you must stop your own action to observe life's show. Never is it possible to both speak and to hear, close ones mouth to allow words to the ear. Seeing the sights cannot be done, when blinded by action while on the run. Know that to be vigil you must stop in where you are, the knowledge around will come plain and bizzare.

There are many in need both near and afar, be mindful of the plight set upon them by Dahkoar. Set on the task are those of Waylumi's light, to banish the darkness as day eases night. The struggle eternal would we seek to see end, pushed away conflict like leaves in the wind. A simple feat to accomplish that will never be, yet through vigilance the light we are forever free.

I thank each of you for allowing me a bit of your time to speak before you this evening. May the Lady of Light shine bright on each of you, such that in time the only thing left for us to be vigilant of is her ever lasting glory.

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Sermon on Vigilance, by Quinthyll
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