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 Sermon: Unity, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: Unity, by Pumashukina   Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:51 pm

Posted to the holy room board Sept 16th, 2014


On a cold night at the Red Dragon tavern, a group of dahk skulls arrived. Much to their dislike an equally sized group of Waylumi Guardians were in the tavern. The leader of the dahks demanded to Baunkin the tavern owner that the
Waylumis be compelled to leave and they be served his famous soup at once. The Waylumis for their part said they would stand fast for they would not be forced to leave when they had done naught wrong simply because thugs of the dark lord wished it.

Bakunins son despaired and said father? What shall we do for a battle within will destroy our business and yet if we serve one we will offend the other.

Bakunin smiled and said We shall serve them both my son and you will see the difference between the two faiths as well.

So Bakunin told both Waylumis and dahks that he would serve them both, his tastiest soup but they must agree to one condition that being their wrists must be bound in such a way , with palms facing toward each other, that no one could bend their wrists.

Both parties agreed and so were bound in the agreed upon way.

Now the dahks chose to sit at a grand table and each dahk Skull tried their best to raise the great bowl of tasty soup to their lips to eat but had little success since they could not raise their wrists. The soup there upon spilled
all over their fine robes and armor , spilled down their beards and faces, even scalding a few. The attempt was so futile that the dahks finely grew frustrated and angry, kicked over the table, demanded their bonds be cut and stormed from the Tavern.

Now the Waylumis sat not at a table but on the tavern floor and in a circle. Each follower of the Lady, twisted their torso and raised their own bowl of soup to the mouth of their brother or sister on their left, where with a better
angle each Waylumi was able to easily eat and enjoy Bakunins famous and tasty soup.

Stand firm together with unity to be a strong fellowship that spread the love of Waylumi within and without.

The basis of Waylumi unity is our common relationship to the Divine Light Holder: Waylumi. And that relationships, turns us to naturally think of our brothers and sisters first, and their needs before our own.

In the story I just related that is clearly seen. The dahks each were focused on how they could individually partake of the soup while the Waylumis thought: how can I best serve my brother or sister to my left. Now this is not always easy, to be sure. The mortal way is not the way of the Goddess and each of us still has some of that old nature within. As a faith we will disagree on issues as individuals we will fall short of the divine standard at times and so Unity is something that must be strived for and worked for.

How do we do this?
We must do our best to be patient with each other, making allowance for each others faults because of our love for the Lady for as she is patient with us so we should be patient with each other. We must e wiling to admit when we have wronged another and seek reconciliation. We must be slow to take offense, and quick to forgive.

We must Make every effort to keep ourselves united in the Spirit of the Illuminated Way for Unity is always good in the work and influence of the church of Light. United, we can accomplish much for the Illuminated Way. Divided, we can hinder it and even aid the dark lords agenda unknowingly. I should at this point make clear that I am NOT speaking of uniformity here. There is a difference between unity and uniformity. Dwelling together in unity does not mean Waylumis Unityis not brought about by mechanical restrictions and regulations. Waylumis unity is a heart union of believers ready to work together for the purpose of glorifying the Divine Lightholder and furthering the work of Her Illuminated Way.

BE ASSURED however, the Unity spoken of in the Holy tenets comes from obedience to those tenets and in our shared response to the Lady.

When this Unity is achieved the tenets tell us we will be a strong fellowship. Unity equals strength and one good way to illustrate this is as follows: go ask a friend to battle you in the arena and tell them you are going to have this faiths clergy heal you from far off as you fight. I wager they will not agree to those terms for almost all recognize that when the faith is united and able to manifest the full blessings of the Goddess in battle, those fighting in righteous cause are indomitable.

Therefore, Let us make every effort to see that our Unity is achieved. Let us be long suffering with each other, let us stay focused on the Illuminated way and let us together spread the Love of Waylumi within and without. May the Divine and Zealous Light of the Lady burn brightly in us all.
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Sermon: Unity, by Pumashukina
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