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 Sermon: Why we Fight, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: Why we Fight, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:32 pm

Posted to the holy room board Aug 13th, 2013

Why we fight

What is the mission of the Waylumi Faith?

Many times when we tell others of our faith we emphasize the Virtues and
benefits of the Holy tenets and it is right and proper we should do so.
However, sometimes, we lose focus of the Bigger picture. Sometimes, our message
can come across only as hey we are good people who believe in Goodly things.
If you believe in these too come join us. It will be fun!

Again, none of that is false but there IS a larger mission; there is a reason
the Great Light Holder came to Ateraan, and it is that I would like to speak
with you about today.

The Forces of darkness came to Ateraan when my race was the Only race here. The
intention of the Dark forces was clear: too enslave us, and the new races soon
to be born and make Ateraan a base of Dark Operations against other worlds.

It was then that the Forces of Light intervened and the Great War, as recorded
in the Chronicles, erupted with the Forces of Light emerging victorious in
preventing dahkoar from conquering Ateraan.

However, only the first part of the Mission had been completed.

For The Great Light Holder looked on the ways of this world and saw the broken
way of Mortal kind: selfishness, greed, hatred, lovers of self, cruelty and
the sorrow, pain and suffering such a way of life brings.

But the Light Holder, did not weigh mortal kind as worthless and beyond
saving, nor looked upon as mere slaves to increase the Power of the Divine
Light, as the dark lord did, to increase his Dark power.

No, the Great light Holder, held great compassion and love for all mortal kind
and so, took on female form , founded Her clergy and handed us the Holy tenets
of the Illuminated Way. It was in honor of this New way that She became known
as Waylumi.

She taught us a new way. A way where we think of others first, and not
ourselves. Where we are generous with what is given unto us and not miserly
with it. A Way where we seek justice not only for ourselves but for everyone,
where we speak in truth not lies.

It is a way where we count our actions as important as our words, and the way
we live as important as the Goals we achieve in that life.

It is not an easy way either for we are called to employ patience rather than
react emotionally. We are told to not be hasty in using violence even when by
mortal standards some one is asking for it.

Yet it is a Most glorious Way. Consider if all lived in this manner, walking a
path of peace, respecting others belongings rather than robbing them of such,
helping the weak rather than take advantage of them, and caring for and
nurturing our world rather than using the undead to rise and smite down those
we disagree with.

It would be a Transformative world. There would be little need for weapons,
armor, walled cities, or time spent on development of weapons or weaponized
spells and skills. Rather al that time, coin, and resources could be spent on
ways to aid, help and improve life for others.

The Mission then of the Waylumi faith, the Divine cause is to bring about such
a world. Not by compulsion as the Dark lord would do with a boot on the neck
but thru spreading the message of the Illuminated way, Living the Illuminated
Way and helping others in their struggle to live that Way too.

But that Way MUST be protected just as the forces of Light protected Ateraan
from the forces of darkness.

Waylumi did indeed found Her Clergy but she also founded the Retters as
protectors of the illuminated Way and of the Clergy that was to spread Her Holy

You see it is not enough to simply live a virtuous life at present because we
live in an imperfect world; a world where the broken way of mortal kind still
creates sorrow, pain and suffering and where as the Goddess says: the darkness
that seeks to destroy still exists.

The Righteous person will be hated by the wicked, not because they necessarily
are impeding that wicked individual but simply for being righteous.

For when you live and walk the illuminated way of life, you hold up a true
mirror to any who observe you. Those with goodly hearts will be encouraged and
possible emulate your reflection while others will try to drag you down, and
convince others you are no better than them, a hypocrite who is just as wicked
as they, thereby justifying their own base and evil way of life.

Consider you are asked by a friend to join a hunting party for sand worms.
You agree and then as you from up the leader says rather than hunt let us go to
the beach and kill some rangers there.

If you say No. I will not now go, and walk away you are in fact making a
statement that is very clear to all present: what you all are doing is wrong
and I will not engage in such behavior.

Almost assuredly the back talk, slanders and moral relativism will begin when
you leave:

She thinks herself so moral. How many robbers has she killed? Her hands are far
from blood stained. Killing is killing. What a hypocrite.

Besides slander and lies, Violence will be visited upon the followers of this
Way for just as Light and darkness cannot both exist so is such a Glorious way
of life a threat to the Darkness and the wicked ways of many.

I was in a tavern once and heard a bard singing a song that was supposed to
represent the fallacy of war. It was about two tribes: one lived on a mountain,
and reportedly had some treasure buried there. The other was a war like tribe
who lived in the valley.

The valley tribe sent a message tell the mountain tribe to surrender their
treasure or they would be destroyed. The Mountain tribe responded that with
our brothers we will share but the valley tribe would have none of it.

They mounted their war steeds attacked and killed the Mountain tribe. When they
moved the Great stone to reach the treasure. The treasure was revealed to be a
smiple message: peace On Ateraan was all it said.

Ironically the Valley people destroyed the treasure in their pursuit of it, is
supposed to be one of the lessons.

The other lesson of course being peace is a great treasure.
And it is and the Goddess command us to walk a path of peace, but see the
Mountain tribe in that story neglected to follow the second half of that
command BUT Always must you be prepared to defend the Light and The Divine
cause of Waylumi.

A peaceful people unable to unwilling to defend their way of Life will almost
assuredly be destroyed by the Wicked of this world.

So for the followers of the Illuminated way, our use of force, the reason we
fight, is ALWAYS in defense of the Illuminated Way and never to compel. We do
not fight spread the Light by sword or mace but by preaching and Living the
Glorious way revealed to us by the Great Holder of Light.

Now to be sure, this does not mean we always wait to be attacked or fight in a
defensive style merely absorbing the blows of our enemies until we can withdraw
for to do so would eventually lead to being overwhelmed by the wicked.

No I speak of our Motive for using force not our style or tactics once that
force is employed.

The current situation with Dairnoc the dahkoar cleric is an excellent example.
For 3 years Dairnoc has been murdering, our clergy, and followers, and
attacking our temple. Yet during those 3 years we responded not with force at
all. The result? More attacks, more murders, more temple desecrations.

Clearly having obeyed the command to not be hasty in using violence to a fault
the faith has decided that to be true to the defending the divine cause Holy
justice must be visited down upon Dairnoc.

The Duke too, seeing our cause Just and the threat we face has given us leave
to smite down Dairnoc in the Kingdom without consequences from the Justice

And yet, even as we move to end his threat we have offered him and his faith a
peaceful way to resolve the situation which has been refused.

So you see, our mission even when we are on the attack is in defense and you
further see, the wicked wish not to get along with the righteous and live in
peace with them, but as Waylumi has told us, seek only to destroy them.

In closing, to my fellow followers of the Illuminated Way, I pray my words
have enlightened and encouraged that we fight for the Greatest cause of all:
defense of the Illuminated Way and to those who have not yet embraced it, I
pray you will deeply consider doing so.

Join us, in this new way; join us as Holy men, Holy women and Holy warriors in
living and protecting, the Divine Cause.

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Sermon: Why we Fight, by Pumashukina
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