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 Sermon on Unity, by Leda

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PostSubject: Sermon on Unity, by Leda   Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:52 am

Posted to the holy room board Nov 3rd, 2016

Tonight, I wish to talk about unity. We have been through some very rough
times, as of recent. We all know what ocurred and who was involved, so I shall
not dwell on the transgressions of the past. Nor are my words pointed at any
one incident or person. Instead, we should look forward, unite with one
another, and rise above all that we face.

In order to do that, we must treat each other with the respect and decorum that
one would expect from a follower of the Light. There will never come a time
where we will agree completely with one another. There will always be a time
where debate is needed and we may see ourselves in heated arguments.

This is no reason to lash out at one another, however. At the end of the day,
the realization needs to be firmly planted that we are a whole. We are not
enemies pitted against one another but brothers and sisters trying to fight
toward the same goals. Without realizing this, we do nothing but hinder
ourselves from moving forward.

Now, as I stated, disagreements are expected. It is my belief that we should
never allow someone outside of the faith to bare witness to such a thing,
however. Bickering, calling a member out, or not standing firm with them
presents a clear picture to those outside of the faith. That picture is a

If someone has spoken, or done a deed you do not agree with, use decorum and
resolve in dealing with it instead of bickering in public. Bickering can come
later, away from prying eyes. Accomplishing this makes us appear the united,
level headed faith that I know we are.

We have seen trouble in the past, and will see issues in the future, where
guidance from High Clergy and perhaps even the Waylumilord himself is needed;
decisions that are passed down to the faith. These rulings may not line up
exactly where you wished or expected them to. It is our collective duty,
however, to support and honor those decisions, when they are brought down.

Express concern, of course... I do not mean to suggest that one should not have
a voice, if they see things in a different light. Know that decisions, while
perhaps not of your liking, our not made lightly and are made with our Lady's
best interest at heart and with All of Her tenets in mind. Have Honor in your
heart, your words and actions following her Lady's word, and when all is said
and done, know these decisions as wise and just.

We are a wonderful, strong faith that stands up and weathers a lot, as we
protect ourselves and Gahlen. It is an arduous task that can prove to be a
great weight at times on all of us. We shall face more struggles, I can
guarantee that. How well we get through them is up to us and how well we stand
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Sermon on Unity, by Leda
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