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 Sermon: Hurt and Bitterness, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: Hurt and Bitterness, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:48 pm

Posted to the holy room board Oct 11th, 2013

Hurt and Bitterness

In life we will inevitably be emotionally hurt. We will at some point, most likely be insulted, slandered, and betrayed. People will make hurtful remarks about you, your friends, loved ones and perhaps you Race, Nation, Guild or your

They may even harbor such hate in their hearts for you that they use other means than just the spoken word to hurt you. They may post a letter, announce it telepathically to the entire kingdom, or if they have studied the arcane arts enough, cast a magical rune to slander and humiliate.

How should the followers of Waylumi respond to such occurrences and how does that differs with the Mortal Way is what I would like to speak to you about tonight.

The Mortal way of dealing with these hurts, often involves returning hurt for hurt. The logic of this way goes something like this: if I hurt you worse than you hurt me, You will be deterred from doing such to me again.

Now there is some sense in this, especially when it rises to the level of say assault and murder. To be sure, the Goddess tells us to Always be ready to know true when the time has come to fight and always must you be prepared to defend the Light and the cause of the Divine Lady.

In war fare, this philosophy can often deter a wicked enemy for often the only consideration the wicked will make is, is the risk worth the cost,

But the mortal way, often immediately leaps to raising the hurt for blood before it even approaches levels where lethal blood is shed.

A person insults or slanders, and the other responds with dirk and dagger; A disagreement ends in hurtful words, and one finds an undead zombie awaiting them at their house; a follower of our faith denounces the Goddess, writes a scornful and slanderous letter of their former faith mates and hurt and anger rise within and many are ready to smite to the death.

Hurt often can lead to bitterness and Bitterness leads to us choosing to go our own way. We plot some evil and with bitterness in heart we justify our action as justice or smiting down evil

The First Big case I prosecuted as Head Marshall, the case that did a lot to establish my reputation one way or another, was Grazyl V Azjgar.

What happened was that Azjgar was courting a Garrison officer by the name of Nori. Now the three of them were sitting at a table and Grazyl Ducked Nori. Nori then pecked at Grazyls boots and he kicked her. Azjgar now took offense and threatened Grazyl not to do such again.

Grazyl, with his pride now hurt and not wishing to look intimidated promptly kicked the Ducked Nori. Azjgar now, with his own pride injured, upped the anti and punched Grazyl in the snout. Grazyl, upped it further and conjured
fireballs blasting Azjgar who fought back. The battle was quick and Grazyl stopped momentarily. Azjgar near death, spit at him, and then Grazyl finished him off.

I prosecuted Grazyl, and he lost his head.

Two people died and for what? King or Queen? In defense of the Kingdom? As Shield of the weak?

;shakes her head

For pride. Mortal pride. Two mortals following the Mortal way and where did it lead? Death for both, and consequences for many others following the verdict.

The evil deeds of the wicked, ensnare them. They fall because of their own folly and lack of self control.

Now let us take the same circumstances, and make one or the other main participants a true follower of the Illuminated Way.

A devoted mage in jest ducks rogues lovey. The Rogue takes offense and threatens the mage not to do so again. The mage responds my friend there is no reason for threats. I meant no harm it was but I jest. Please accept my apology.

Or let us say the mage is NOT devoted but the rogue is. The rogue comes to his loveys defense and the mage kicks her again. The Rogue tells his faith what is going on and suddenly there are 6 devoted and 2 clergy in the tavern.

Words are exchanged as to what is going on rather than blows. The mage, seeing leaping to force is probably unwise, explains he meant not harm and it was a joke. The conversation continues the Lovey returns to her natural form and clams the situation by saying it is alright.

The situation is resolved. No blood is spilled. No Marshalls needed. No trial held and the incident fades to memory.

Now I do not want to mis-lead. There are times for everything, a Time when we need to take action, a time when we need to speak up in defense of our faith, our friends and our loved ones. There is a time to protect and a time fight.

But there is also a time to endure. A time to not strike back, a time to not respond in kind and not up the ante and yes a time when we walk away and give our energies to more worthy ideals than prideful revenge.

For we are warned in the Tenet of wisdom not to imitate the ways of darkness when the lady commands us to
Refuse the temptation to adopt its ways, for darkness only creates darkness. When the light dims, shadow follows close behind.

Walk firm knowing justice and freedom in the good marked path, for it holds not the tricking snares of lies or deceits but the truth that is the Light's salvation.

My friends no one steps into a snare purposely nor does one believe they are being deceived until the deception is revealed. However, that is precisely what happens when we forgo the Illuminated way for the mortal way. When we say to ourselves: I know best. I will do as I believe right!

It is THEN that we put a multitude of events in motion drawing in many others, friends and foes because of our rash behavior.

Be wise in the ways of the Light of the path. Discern with keen eyes and an open heart the truth of all things illuminated, the Lady says.

Rid yourselves of Bitterness, and unholy pride and Wisdom will illuminate the correct course of action.

CHOOSE the Holy Path. Follow the Illuminated Way.
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Sermon: Hurt and Bitterness, by Pumashukina
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