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 Sermon: Confronting Evil, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: Confronting Evil, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:11 pm

Posted to the holy room board Dec 18th, 2013

Sermon Confronting Evil

I walked outside the East gates of Gahlen one day in in 1511 with the intent of hunting in the Silver Lake area. To my surprise I encountered a barricade on the Highway, of the type the Garrison often construct. I found this odd and contacted, I believe, Tringha, telepathically, and told her what I had found and asked her if the Garrison was doing any training in the area.

She replied no and I immediately called down The Ladys Protection upon myself, figuring if it was not a barricade of the Garrison then it must have been constructed by an enemy.

I was correct and seconds after I made ready for battle 2 scouts of the warlord ran forth and gave me battle,

Gahlen was being invaded.

Later in the day after we had defeated the enemy I was in the tavern recounting my discovery of the barricade when a human said: Oh I saw that too but I figured it was the Garrisons. A Nykos spoke up and said:I saw it too but I figured it was none of my business being I am from Darmahk. Then 2 others spoke up and said: we saw it too but we both thought the other reported it.

Apparently I was the fifth person to find the barricade but the first to report it. Now The reason i did was mostly due to my training as a soldier: anything out of the ordinary you are to report for it if is nothing then there is also
nothing to worry about.

If it is a sign of trouble and you neglect to report it, you may cost some their lives by your inaction.

Our response to evil in our world is often similar: When we see an evil committed in society or against another who is nor our friend or guildmate, our natural tendency may be to assume that someone else will address the problem.

We often may decide not to get involved , because to do so may cause us personal grief or loss and we do not wish to upset the apple cart or the status qou.

And that always is the danger of the status quo. Things are fine the way they are dont rock the boat. Its not perfect but when is life ever perfect, we tell ourselves.

So we compromise with evil often little by little until we reach a point that we do not even recognize evil as evil anymore.

Another sad fact of accepting the status quo is that those who compromise have no use for those who do not compromise.

Often when followers of Waylumi stand fast against evil they find themselves thwarted by others, even at times, fellow believers within their faith; followers who have become accustomed to a luke warm spiritual life, and are
neither hot nor cold or who have befriended the wicked and are placing personal friendship over obedience to the Divine Cause of Waylumi.

It is a sad, sad thing to have to endure their contempt when they should be joining in helping stand against the wickedness.

My friends let me be clear: Waylumi does not compromise with evil.

When the forces of darkness came to enslave Ateraan The Forces of Light did not stand idly by, but rather intervened.. and with great force; so much so they were able to defeat the forces of Darkness and ensure the new races about to be born on this world would be born free and not in a world ruled by Darkness.

My friends, If you want to be at peace with our enemy then the Illuminated Way is NOT for you. If you are fine with others being enslaved and deprived of their Freedom,, then the Illuminated Way is NOT for you. if You are fine with
the weak being victimized by the strong, the innocent and gentle viciously attacked ,and the Honorable horribly slandered then The Illuminated Way is NOT for you.

f you accumulate coin and power so you can oppress the needy, then The Illuminated Way is NOT for You.

But if You are willing to stand as a shield to the weak even at the cost of your own life, if you are willing to walk in Justice and Freedom and fight for others to enjoy the same, if you are willing to use your wealth and power to be
generous to those in need, then The come Join the Light! Come join us in our Holy cause, come Join the Illuminated Way of the Divine Light!

But know and understand the cost! For no one every became a true hero without cost and be you assured! Once you commit yourself to living for the Divine Light, serving the Lady of Light with all your heart, then the forces of
Darkness WILL attack you, physically perhaps but most definitely verbally with slander and lies,.

For the committed follower of Waylumi is a Mighty follower of Waylumi, and a Mighty follower is a grave threat to dahkoar and therefore as their own wicked tenets declare: must be removed.

Train your heart with Honor. Cultivate a Spirit of Self discipline. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive but also Acquire honorably the tools of war with which to smite the wicked!:

Yet never forget!

The Mace is gripped for battle but the Victory belongs to Waylumi!

Trust in the Great Light Holder, for She is never far away from you! As long as you do that, you need have no fear!

:nods knowingly

I would like to close with a final illustration.

The Other Day I was walking along he Silver Lake with my Bernard, Lord Bearamorh. Suddenly, he put his ears back, growled apprehensively and backed up. I made ready for battle, knowing he sensed a threat but that he was not
sure what it was.

We pressed forward cautiously and suddenly a Bugbear leaped out, attacked and battle was joined.

Now that I was in battle, Bearamorh no longer backed up but sprung forth, biting the bugbear viciously and battling on to victory beside me.

As followers of the Divine Light journeying through this world, we are often confronted with evil that suddenly comes from out of nowhere and threatens our peaceful walk. Like Bearamorh, we are often pushed back and afraid when it is something we cant see clearly or understand well. What does Waylumi want us to do when we are faced with such evil threats?

We must be warriors in one way or another. We must always be equipped with armor and weapons, both physical and spiritual. We must have our skills and gifts honed and at the ready to refute the enemys lies and deceptions and minister to the weak, innocent ,and needy.

For the Illuminated Way is not for the timid and is often no leisurely existence, nor one of peace and security; rather the True follower is always on campaign, attacking defending the Divine Light and the Illuminated way of
life and those who follow it.

For we are in HER army and under HER Banner: the Dove with Mace in Claw; Vigilantly on the look-out for the enemy, ready to defend ourselves and others against his nefarious plots and schemes.

Bearamorh and I finished our walk. His defensive warning as well as His offensive Prowess helped saved the both of us from getting beaten up or even killed. A Followerof Waylumis walk is no different.

The Lady of Light certainly expects us to be Vigilant and ready to defend ourselves and others against the evil in this world. Yet, SHE also wants us to go on the offensive and attack that evil whenever and wherever we can do so prudently and when all else has fsailed to resolve the situation.

When it comes to the evil in this world, Bearamorh example is a good one. There is nothing wrong with recoiling from that evil; as long that recoil is ultimately a springboard to action, not retreat.

May we all be committed in word and deed to standing against Evil with Holy resolve and Holy action.
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Sermon: Confronting Evil, by Pumashukina
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