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 Sermon: Worthy Faith, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: Worthy Faith, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:43 pm

Posted to the holy room board Oct 3rd, 2013

Worthy Faith

'It does not matter what you believe in, so long as you have faith."

'Have you heard that one before?

This is a commonly stated phrase and I have seen many treat this statement both wise and virtuous, nodding their head sage-like and replying " Very well said, very well said, indeed" as if the speaker has uttered some Divine teaching. But today I would like explain to you why it is neither, Wise, nor virtuous but rather in error.

In December 1509 I was out hunting with a devoted rogue named Arendarial, around the silver lake area when we encountered a rather fierce bugbear.

Half way thru the battle I ate one of the raisin cookies we had purchased earlier from the tavern.

Suddenly, rather than feel healthier I felt sick and weaker. I immediately understood I was being poisoned and we withdrew safely from the fight.

After further investigation, it was discovered that a batch of cookies had been poisoned in one of the kitchens prior to them being sold to the tavern. Fortunately no one died from this wicked act.

Now, in regards to faith I would like you to consider:

I placed my faith in that cookie restoring my health. I had faith it would do so. I believed, COMPLETELY, with all my heart when I reached for that cookie and bit into it, that it would be good for me and would have at least a small
restorative effect on me. So did Arendarial,

However, all the trust and faith in the world made no difference because what I was placing my faith in was false. Instead of becoming stronger I grew worker. Instead of increasing my chances of victory I reduced them.

So it is anytime we put our faith in that which is not worthy of our trust, or our commitment.

However, when we place our trust in Waylumi and Her Illuminated Way of life we need not worry; for the Great Light Holder is by FACT the Lady of Light but She is a Goddess by WORTH.

For the Holy Tenets and the Illuminated Way are WHOLLY FUNCTIONAL, and Profitable in ALL situations of life. There is Never a time, when setting aside the Illuminated Way will aid you in ANY endeavor.

When I took command of the Justice department on 6 September 1511, there was besides myself ,3 other officers; Sareen, Conleth and Chyrsanth.

Now Chrysanth and Conleth were both mages as was Wisehaupt who I was replacing and the two mages were none to pleased about my promotion. They immediately began declaring their intention to torture suspects and fix evidence if such was called for "in the cause of justice."

Sareen was appalled, as was I, and I told them they would do no such thing. They responded by saying " You cannot force your Lumi values on us! This is the Justice Department not the Temple."

My response was this: " I will enforce, whatever Polices, orders or values I see fit, that I believe are in the best interest of this department."

You see, I knew that the Illuminated Way, a Way that commands us to walk in Justice and Freedom, a Way that tells us to be a shield to the weak, a Way that calls us to live with Integrity and be Honorable and hold the Rod of truth in our hand, was the very FOUNDATION for Justice.

To not apply those Values in the Justice department would have been absurd and harmful and NOT what was best for the marshalls.

Now Conleth and Chyrsanth made good on their threat and slapped around citizens who they thought "annoying" and I fired them both. That left the department with just I and Sareen and yes, it made it tough for a while and much hard work had to be done on cases and recruiting

However, eventually we brought in a whole new class of Marshalls, many of them Waylumi clergy and we created a highly effective department that sowed the good seeds for Two more followers of Waylumi to take over as head marshall after I left.

You see, when you trust in The Illuminated Way, you place your trust in a worthy Way. Do what is right even if it seems like it will make things harder for you in the short term.

Stand by the Holy teachings and do not let others intimidate or sway you from their implementation as the best choice you can make.

Live by the Spirit of the Divine Light! Whatever life situation you encounter. Whatever troubles or triumphs come your way submit to the Illuminated Way and deal with them BY the Lighted path.

Cast not aide the Holy virtues of Waylumi and reach not for the false way of darkness nor the Way of mortal kind for you will surly find, both paths to be as poisoned to your life and goals as that cookie, I reached for, was to me
when engaged in close quarter battle.

Place your faith in the Only One worthy of such trust. Place your faith in the Divine Lady of Light, the Goddess Waylumi

Waylumi bless and Guard you all
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Sermon: Worthy Faith, by Pumashukina
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