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 Sermon: The Two paths, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: The Two paths, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:26 pm

Posted to the holy room board May 25, 2014

Sermon: The Two Paths

Kudon the wise, a Waylumi cleric of Great faith, and of course, Great wisdom, hence his moniker, was out on a quest with others of the Waylumi faith. After many a trial and many a tribulation they succeeded in recovering the
Light Gem of Mahr and were returning thru the caves of Dez Posha when a stone slab to the cavern room they had entered, suddenly slammed shut behind them, blocking their withdrawl.

Two exits opened before them, one to the right and one to the left and two Guardians, awesome in power, and quite possibly supernatural in origin, but identical in appearance appeared before them as well.

Suddenly a voice was heard:

Behold the Two Paths and their Guardians. One Path leads to safety and one to immediate and utter destruction. You may ask a single question of either the True Guardian of the Path of Life or the False and deceptive Guardian of the Path of death. Choose you then, your words, ..wisely

The small group of adventures held a counsel of war. Bolok The Mighty suggested they attack first one, then the other Guardian, but most of the others said forth, such a course of action would be suicide.

Vir, the Timid, a skilled if some-what cowardly reformed thief, suggested they create an elaborate distraction and race for one of the paths, but this two was discounted when, Agarn of the Order of the Blue Flame, asked And exactly which path shall we race for?

Indeed, racing or fighting their way, the problem remained the same: which path to take? Kudon, during the war counsel had sat silently, contemplating the problem. In deep meditation he prayed for the wisdom to know which path they should choose.

Suddenly, he arose from his position and stepped boldly towards one of the Guardians and asked this question to the Guardian by the Right side Path.

If I was to ask the other Guardian, which path to take. What would be his reply?

Slowly the Guardian raised a mailed arm and pointed to the Left side Path.

So, if you be the False Guardian, you would be trying to deceive me, and thus would indicate that the True guardian would lead me to the Left path, there by making that Path, the Path of Destruction.

However, if you are the Guardian of Truth, you would correctly be telling me the Path the False Guardian would point me to, which STILL would make the Left side path the Path of Destruction.

Therefore, the Path of Life, is the Right side path!

And down the Right Path did Kudon The Wise tread, with the rest of the adventurers following behind and they returned in safety to their fair city.

The Two Paths is a clever story which show cases how Holy Wisdom is superior to rash action, however it is also an analogy for the problem we all face as fellow mortals:

What if any spiritual path should I tread and why?

The Clergy of the Goddess Waylumi have many gifts, and are taught many prayers to aid and benefit many. We can heal in person or from far off. We can pray for Elixirs of Light, and can even extend your life force or raise your combat abilities for Close Quarters Combat.

However, the Greatest blessing and gift the Goddess imparts to us, to all those who devote to Her is the Illuminated Way and Holy tenets.

For the Holy Tenets of Waylumi, the Foundation of Her Illuminated path are given unto us, not as a burden, not as a heavy yoke that we must bear but a liberating and Divinely authored Way of Life that is superior to ANY and all
mortal code, as well as any other supernatural or spiritual Path.

The Illuminated Way, has been given to us for our betterment and any deviation, therefore, is to our own detriment.

You see my friends, I could stand up here and preach to you of the treasures and benefits devotion to the Goddess can bring you, and to be sure there are many, but one should not be devoting because of the Goodies one can get, but because of an acknowledgement that THEIR way, is the not the best way and that the Illuminated Path, is designed by one, who because of Her great love for us, has outlined for us, the Best, true and Righteous way of life.

Understand now, that the Illuminated path is not always easy, no more than doing the right thing is always easy.

The Virtuous person is admired not because their path is an easy one but because their path is difficult and YET they still walk it.

So it is with the Illuminated path, but we can trust that Its way, is assuredly superior to any Path we have carved out for ourselves or any other Spiritual Path offered to us.

Love, the first of he Holy tenets, may mean confronting someone over an act that will lead them astray, it may mean sacrificing your desire and wants to maintain a unity in Faith with your fellow believers, and it may mean forgiving a great wrong done to you, something many of us have deep trouble doing.

Honor, the second of he Holy tenets, declared by many but followed by few, calls us to resist temptations to adopt the ways of the darkness, it commands us to walk and spread Justice and freedom, not corruption and enslavement, and it commands us to be a protection to the weak, not remove them or trample them underfoot as the dark lord bades his followers do.

Wisdom, teaches us to be discerning and to stand firm, in the truth, not an easy thing to do when others, even a majority may be trying to shout you down to proceed in another direction. It also commands us that while we are not to be Hasty in showing violence, that we must know when the time to fight has come and be always ready to defend the Divine Cause of Waylumi.

The Holy tenet of Vigilance, tells us to hold Courage and Valor in our hearts, that we may shield others and ourselves from the Darkness which seeks to destroy and it commands us to be zealous, in our faith as well.

Sacrifice, Confrontation, defending others, aiding the weak, being generous, being courageous, being valorous and be a zealot for Waylumi, this is the Illuminated Path, and more.

Now you may be thinking: that sounds like a lot of work. It will be much better for me, if I just continue on in the ways that are most comfortable for me, the path I enjoy, the Path, that gets me the things I want.

However this would be folly, for the Mind of Mortal-kind perceives a path they think leads to life but in fact it leads to utter destruction.

Indeed, the Mind of Mortal-kind is nothing but foolishness when compared to the Essence of the Goddess Waylumi. Are you wiser than the Lady of Light? Which tenet, can you say, in truth, is foolishness and what situation can you say they are not appropriate for in Life?

Do we not all in the Kingdom live under the Great Freedom and enjoy its many benefits? Indeed we do.

Was it your code that inspired such? Was it the wicked Tenets of dahkoar? No, but the Holy tenet of the Light, which as I have said previously commands us to Walk firm knowing Justice and freedom and since the coming of Waylumi to this world predates the forming of the Kingdom by over a thousand years, it is clear how great an Influence Her Illuminated Path has had, on the noble land we live in.

How grateful, too, should we all be for the administration of Governance, we as a city are under and experience, which in no small part is due to the fact that that our Noble Duke of Gahlen, is a true follower of the Lady of Light,

Therefore in conclusion, I encourage those of you who have not yet chosen to follow the Path of devotion to Waylumi, to put aside your own incomplete, and corrupted way, as all mortal ways are, and come to the Holy Light. Read the Holy Tenets for yourself, speak with myself or other members of the Clergy who will be glad to discuss and answer any questions or concerns you have.

To my fellow brothers and sisters in the Light I bade you question yourselves: are all my ways the way of Waylumi? Are their areas of my life, where are I am lacking? Where I still follow my own ways? Am I making excuses and
justifications, that I may do as I please instead of pleasing the Goddess? If so, I plead with you to get back on the Illuminated Path for it is in truth the Right Path and will lead ultimately to your own betterment and Betterment of
the Divine Cause.

May Waylumi bless and strengthen us all and May Her Way be Our way.
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Sermon: The Two paths, by Pumashukina
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