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 Sermon: Embracing Waylumi's Way, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: Embracing Waylumi's Way, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:19 pm

Posted to the holy room board May 3rd, 2014

In 1509 The dahkoar Shadow Mistress, Resaire .gave a sermon here in Gahlen. She
preached a message of Moral Relativism and said forth that there is no right or
wrong. She said: Do not listen to the Lumis. Whatever is true for you is true
for you, and whatever is true for me is true for me But no one should force his
or her views on other people since everything is relative and right or wrong do
not exists but are mere constructs made up by the Lumis to keep you from doing
as you please.

A few minutes later the hue and cry went up, that one of their devoted had been
murdered. It quickly was established that a member of the garrison had set up a
barricade outside the Dahk sanctuary and the devoted inside, unaare of such
moved quickly to leave and impaled themselves upon the spikes of the barricade.

The Shadow Mistress was incensed. She called for the marshalls and Demanded the
garrison turn over the soldier responsible and put them to death.

I said in response: resaire, I thought there was no right or wrong. Cleary that
person believed that barricading your Faiths sanctuary was what was right. Why
do you now force your belief on them that barricading your sanctuary is wrong?

Her response to me, as I recall, ignored my point and included more than a few
curses, insults and the call again for the death of the Person who placed the

"My friends, It is often supposed within our faith that when people not
devoted to another faith, reject the Illuminated Way, they believe in nothing.
Alas, it is worse than that. When they reject Waylumi, they believe in

Without the Divine Light, without Waylumi, the only standard of right and wrong
- is what appeals to YOU. And that's a shifting standard my friends, about as
wise a foundation to build a noble life upon as building a home on the side of
a mountain: one good storm and over you go.

You see, when we refuse to embrace HER Illuminated Way of life, then It is
all about what WE want, what WE like, what WE accept, what pleases US.

The truth is, as often is said: None of us are perfect. Yes, all of us have
fallen short of the Divine Mark and therefore because of our Mortal
imperfection, OUR standards are corrupted, warped. And OUR morality is riddled
with impurity.

If we base what WE believe on that corruptness and impurity, then we are going
to embrace whatever life code allows us to do what ever WE want.

There will be no deferring to another Way, an Illuminated Way, a Way that does
not sate our every desire when ever we want, a Way that calls for self
sacrifice, and self denial; not self-indulgence and selfishness.

My friends it is madness to think that WE mortals can be the arbiters of what
is right and what is wrong. When we reject or interpret the Holy tenets of
Waylumi in a way that justifies our own desires, we will believe in anything,
and eventually that will lead us to destruction.

For, when we make ourselves the Master or Mistress and the Lady of Light, the
servant, we very, very quickly descend into depravity and into a place where
we are accepting of wicked practices like murder and slavery ,and using the
tenets to Justify even that wicked practice;

as one former leader of this faith did telling me and splirtch when with
righteous anger we objected objected: yes it says to walk in Justice and
Freedom Ladies but that is not meant to be taken literally. Where in the tenets
does it specifically SAY slavery is sinful?

Goddess forbid we should ever fall to such a state again!

For, if we trust in the Lady of Light we no longer are led by OUR
righteousness and holiness. Instead we are trusting a Goddess who is so holy
and so righteous that my tendency will be to build MY life around HER way not
my own.

I will use Her standards of right and wrong -- not mine.
I will build on Her morality in my life -- not mine.
I'll build on Her expectations for me... not mine.

AND I know if I trust in Her Way in these matters even when HER way does not
make sense unto me or is contrary to my desires.. I will be truly blessed

May those the Lady reaches out to, Heed Her call and may the Illuminated Way
grant us blessing and Peace as we follow Its Holy Path.
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Sermon: Embracing Waylumi's Way, by Pumashukina
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