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 Sermon on Tenets and Services, by Leda

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PostSubject: Sermon on Tenets and Services, by Leda   Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:43 am

Posted to the holy room board Oct 1st, 2016

"Thank you all for coming. Today I speak of our Lady's tenets, to help those
who perhaps are unaware of the Word of our Lady Waylumi, and also of the
services provided by the clergy to those within the community.

If it is alright with those in attendance, I would like to start this day's
sermon with a prayer.

Our Lady Waylumi; may you illuminate the way as we traverse our paths, your
Word as our ever-guiding light in the face of Darkness. Lend us your
compassion, that we may never waver in our duties to heal and protect those in
need.. And arm us with your truth, that we may smite thy foes as we stand firm
against our enemies.

Light be Praised

Our Lady's tenets are the cornerstone of how we live our lives. We look to
them in all we do, our every word and action striving to be the embodiment of
their message. These truths both guide and protect us as we look to prevent
ourselves, and others, from falling prey to darkness and the lies within. These
four tenets are Love, Honor, Wisdom, and Vigilance

It is our tenet of Love that guides us to compassion, offering our aid and
blessings to those in need. All who seek it share in our Lady's Love, even
those who have traversed the darkness may revel in her it if their intentions
are pure and honest. To quote a verse from the Tenet of Love, "More blessed
still are those who shall turn away from the darkness to see the ever living
day". It is never too late to seek redemption and stand with the fellowship.
Love unites us, making us stronger as we stand together to protect one another.

The tenet of Honor is what tells us to ensure our every word and action
embodies the tenets of Her Lady. Darkness waits in the wing for any sign of
weakness. To quote another passage, this from the Tenet of Honor, "When the
light dims, shadow follows close behind". It is easy to think about what that
means in a physical sense, but what about a spiritual one? Our Word is our
Light. It is the moral compass we live by. If we let that slip, it opens the
door to doubting the very Truths that guide us and allowing darkness an
opportunity to twist the mind. Darkness is not sustainable on its own, as it is
simply the absence of Light; a cold lie told to gain power over those who
falter on their path.

Wisdom is our third tenet and, as a follower of Waylumi, it is what balances
me. Thus far I have spoke of compassion and aid. Blessings and heals are not
the only way we aid, for ours is a dove with an olive branch in one claw and a
mace in the other. Those who seek our aid and protection are welcomed with open
arms while those who look to undo the Word of our Lady will be sent swiftly to
the beyond with no mercy or respite. Both is caring for and assisting another.
It is not my wish to combat and dispatch another but if it means that they
atone for their trespasses through death, then it is just. It also gives one an
opertunity to see the err of their life and hopefully allow Waylumi to aid in
their time of need.

Our last, and certainly not least, Tenet is that of Vigilance. Followers of
Waylumi face a difficult path with difficult foes ahead of us. Vilglance
teaches us to be strong in the face of adversity, for the Light is always
watching over us. The Lady Waylumi protects in both life and in death, so there
is nothing for us to fear. In death, we are rewarded with immortality; our Lady
taking us into the Light so that we may fight the darkness from the heavens.
Knowing this, we have no reason to shy from our enemies. We are victorious even
in death!

We look to these tenets when we interact with the community, providing numerous
services. We assist many travelers on their road to recovery after they have
fallen. We do this by providing care once they have awoken and also by helping
them back on their feet through generous donations of weapons and armour. We
also offer emotional and spiritual guidance, lending an ear and advice to those
who seek us out and are troubled internally. Our protection is also offered on
a grander scale, as we assist in warding against conflicts that threaten
Gahlen. We stand against oncoming plagues and heal those who stand and fight in
the name of our Kingdom. We hold weddings, uniting those who wish to share vows
before the Lady. We also have many sermons held here, like the one you are
attending now, discussing topics of faith and how it pertains to everyday life.

These are what make up the beliefs and services of the Waylumi clergy and
faith. Most everyone is welcome, should they come with honest intentions, and
devotion can be sought if one wishes to join the congregation. Thank you all
for coming and hearing our Lady's truths and how we assist in illumination. I
am open to any questions that may be had. Thank you.
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Sermon on Tenets and Services, by Leda
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