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 Sermon: Preparedness, by Renna

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PostSubject: Sermon: Preparedness, by Renna   Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:14 pm

Posted to the holy room board Jan 25th, 2014

What is it?
How is it done?
Why is it done?
To be prepared, means to make sure one has on hand all of the things needed for
a task, such as a battle, and having those things on hand at all times, for one
never knows when they may be called upon to fight.
To be prepared for battle, one must first study various weapons and armours, to
be sure they have the best ones that can be had, and then maintain them, so
that they are always in excellent condition, ready at a moment's notice.
Before each battle, one should check every piece, confirming they are in good
working order, before leaving for the field.
Next, one should make a thorough study of various foods, and other items
needed, such as scrolls, wands, and so forth.
It is important to know exactly how an item hinders or helps in any situation,
so that one can make the best use of the items he carries.
One needs to understand the enemy, so he can best decide which items and/or
tactics to use to defeat his foe efficiently and with as little harm to himself
as possible.
Next, the warrior needs to make sure he has, ready to hand, the particular
implements he will be using, so that they are not out of reach when they are
most needed..
It is wise to ascertain whether it will be a long or short trip, so that one
can plan to carry enough of each tool.
It is far better to have too many, than not enough, though one must be careful
not to overburden himself, especially if he will be gathering loot on his way.
All these things should be done, BEFORE one goes into the battle zone!
It is never prudent to be caught in battle, not having checked out your
You may damage yourself or others if you are not propperly prepared.
The stronger the foe is, the more fighters you should take with you.
It is far easier to fight united than alone.
Now, why go over all of these things, you may ask?
I use preparation for battle as an analogy, so that I may bring forth an even
more important truth.
As followers of the Light, we must gird our loins for battle, in a spiritual
We must put on our spiritual armour, and wield the weapons of truth, and equip
ourselves with the tools of our faith, so that we may be ever ready to march
forth when we are called to fight for Waylumi's Divine Cause!
So, how do we prepare for spiritual warfare?
We study the teachings and truths of our faith, so that we know them intimately
and thoroughly.
We meditate upon, memorize, and go over them until they are a part of us, as
our skin is a part of us.
We study the enemy, watching his wiles, taking note of how he directs his
followers, so that we may learn how best to confront him.
The more thoroughly we have saturated ourselves with the Lady's Tenets and the
doctrines and teachings of them, the better equipped we will be to fight the
twisted words of Dahkoar and his faithful.
These are our tools!
These are our armours!
These are our weapons!
We must be unified!
We must gird ourselves!
We must prepare!
Dawn now the weapons and armours of the Light, and never let yourself be seen
without them, for you never know when you may be called upon to hold your head
high, and stand for Waylumi and Her Truth.
Let us be vigilant!
Let us be wise!
Let us be honorable!
Let us show love!
But above all, brothers and sisters,
Waylumi bless you all this day, now, and forever more!
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Sermon: Preparedness, by Renna
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