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 Sermon: My Vision for the faith, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: My Vision for the faith, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:07 pm

Posted on the holy room board May 8th, 2013

My vision for the faith

The Blessings of Waylumi Upon you all

Reform and change.

These are words that excite some but make most anxious.

We like conformity. We like rules. We like routine. It gives us comfort and a sense of order and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, such comfort can make an organization complacent, dull, and stale and such I fear we have become.

It has been 5 years now since the Great Migration. 5 years since this temple was re-consecrated. 5 years since Syrana was made the First High Priestess of this era. 5 years since the Temple Polices were handed down by Syrana.

It is High time we took a hard look at those polices and procedures; at what and how we do things in this faith.

Now we must be careful not to throw the babe out with the bathwater, but we equally must not continue on just because that is how we always have done it.

We must be brave to look at our polices, and to change what needs changing and keep what IS working.

My brothers and sister clerics, we are a guild and all guilds and organizations have rules and standards that their members MUST abide by.

Yet, we are not just a guild, but also members of a Great faith and we are not just members of a Great faith but we are the Clerics of that faith and of the Goddess Waylumi.

We are the faiths leaders, defenders, scholars, healers, shield bearers, soldiers, and Councilors

Brothers and Sister clerics, We are to be the scourge of the wicked, the Hope of the oppressed,

the counselors of the hurting and the Bright shingling Beacon of Hope in a dark broken world that all may rally to.

We are also the Gate keepers of the faith, charged with making sure the faith remains pure that those who wish to join are sincere in their commitment and that those who are followers walk in the faith as they oathed to do at
their devotion and or Ordination

NO mortal comes to bond with the Goddess save that this clergy grants their approval. No mortal may be cast out save this clergy does such, save the Goddess Herself take such action.

I remind you all that it was the Great Light Holder Herself that founded us, not some mere mortal as in the case of other gahlen Guilds.

That fact should make us proud but it also makes us unique among ALL the guilds and it means we are called to a Higher standards than those guilds.

We are to be a Holy Order in all we do; in word and deed, in duty and in relationships.

We are called to live a life of self sacrifice and self denial that others are not called to live. We are to set the example of a better way of life, nay, the BEST way, the superior way, The Illuminated Way.

Therefore we must not imitate the worlds values or we will reap the worlds results.

We must not condone wickedness because it is committed by a friend, we must not indulge in meaningless and wanton slaughter because we can gain some powerful weapon or armor from doing so.

For not by Might, not by magic, but by faith in the Divine Light, comes forth our Victory!

We must not take on the lifestyle of the Non believer but rather we are to be examples of a Different way of life that will bring others TO a believing Life.

Doing so means submitting to something greater than ourselves, it means submitting to Holy wisdom rather than our own mortal understanding.

The Holy tenets of Waylumi should not be twisted and used to justify ANY action we wish to take, nor should any follower of the Goddess believe or teach the heresy that the tenets may be interpreted in ANY way a person thinks right.

While it Is true that one of the Duties of a cleric of the Light, is at times to Interpret the Holy tenets we must never use that duty to justify acts that are clearly wrong.

For if the tenets can be twisted to mean ANYTHING then they mean NOTHING at all.

And if they mean nothing at all then we have no foundation and if we have no foundation we have NO faith.

The Lady of Light handed down the Holy Tenets to us as Her foundation for our faith and way of life life. It is absurd and heretical to believe she made them so vague and confusing that each cleric and believer should be able to interpret them any way they wish and then do whatever they wish.

No, bluntly I say to you, that what has been going on in this faith is that when a follower or cleric likes NOT what the Holy Tenets say, because it hinders what they wish to do, they simply twist the meaning to justify the action they personally wish to take.

The Tenets say Be generous with the Blessings given unto you. Then how can we justify selling blessing for profit?

The tenets say to walk a Path of justice and Freedom, so how can being owners of slaves, be acceptable?

The tenets say Forgive those who are EARNEST, clearly meaning in their repentance.

Then how Is it that many forgive those who show NO signs of repentance for their wicked deeds against others?

This must stop and it will stop. There WILL BE Reformation. There WILL be standards. We WILL be a Holy people, living Holy lives in accordance with the Holy tenets of the Great and Holy Light Holder.

Brothers. Sisters we Must be accountable.

All of us to each other.

Brothers and sisters. I am accountable to Waylumilord, to the Goddess and like all of you to the Holy Tenets. I am also accountable to you for the decisions I make. If something is not working in this faith it is my Duty to fix it.

If a decision I make is wrong, It is my duty to correct it. If you are attacked it is my duty to defend you.

If you need help it is my duty to aid you in any way I can that makes you a better cleric of follower of the Goddess

The Lightbearer and ministry leaders who will be appointed, are to be accountable as well. They are accountable to myself and of course to the Goddess and to the Holy tenets, but also to their assigned missions and duties.

Those in ministries are accountable to their leaders as well as the others I mentioned.

All of us are accountable for our actions and my expectations are for ALL clergy and devoted to adhere to the standards of the Holy Tenets, the polices that derive from them and to be true to the Oath you each took when ordained or when you devoted.

We will also become a results oriented Clergy and faith. Those who wish to lead should not expect to be lording their authority over others but rather to be leading from the front, working hard, setting the example by Holy living and getting results.

Those who do not do so, will be removed and others then given a chance to get the job done.

We will no longer be content to tolerate the vile and wicked faith of dahkoar just because they are weak and at this time not much aggressive, but rather we will make a re-newed effort to win our fellow kingdom citizens to the
Illuminated path but also we will aggressively and boldly preach in darmahk and attempt to shine the Light to the people who live in darkness.

We shall attend dahk sermons and counter their lies, until they ban us from such, thereby admitting their position so weak it cannot stand up to debate.

We shall train our new clergy who the Goddess shall surly send forth to us with a renewed emphasis on d Doctrine and openly challenge the dahks to debate after public debate that the public may see them for what they are: wicked, evil and full of every kind of deception

Nor shall we allow the dahks or other enemies of the faith to harass, assault and murder our clergy and devoted at a whim.

We shall reform a holy order of Zealous, strong and cunning Warriors of the Light who will be equally strong in Faith and Prayer as they are in battle.

We shall have a policy of if one is attacked all are attacked.

When one is in danger all will fly to aid them. We shall stand united even if that means standing against non believing friends.

We may have internal squabbles but I will expect and demand that we stand united against ANY outside threats regardless of personal relationships.

This will not be easy. Our numbers have been greatly reduced as many clergy have left town in frustration and more so than many Ministries, numbers in battle can mean much.

Nevertheless, those of you who commit to the Guardians will be initially out numbered and yet, you must carry on with holy Zeal and be an example for others to follow.

We will also begin to host events and use our great wealth to aid us in this endeavor.We shall embrace new ideas of ministering and bring the Light to others, thru Public Socials, use of the gahlen Theatre and any other ways and means you can think of.

I welcome any who are zealous and have ideas and am prepared to help you achieve for the Light thru those ideas.

The Clergy shall finally have guild meetings and I hope the devoted, faith meetings as well. While I am accountable for the direction of the faith, I have always believed in the Clergy rank and file having an important voice as well
and we should come together in meeting at the very least once a month.

Your ideas of HOW we can travel efficiently on the course I set will be vital to the success of our Holy Reformations. I may chart the course but it is you who along with me will also be hoisting the sails and manning the weapons of Light.

Much hard work is before us. This will not be an easy path. Be assured that it WILL be a struggle but Those who are zealous and eager to join me in this reformation, Those who wish to embrace the Holy life of a Waylumi cleric, those who are ready to both spread the truth of the Illuminated Way AND fight the darkness in all its
nefarious forms,

I welcome with open arms.

Reform and change.

May the Goddess lead us in both
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Sermon: My Vision for the faith, by Pumashukina
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