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 Sermon On Fear Vs Love, by Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon On Fear Vs Love, by Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:43 pm

Posted on the holy room board Jan 31, 2013

I would like to open my sermon by reading from the account of the Second
manifestation of the Goddess Waylumi, in gahlen, Post-Great Migration..

8 August. 2010. The Place: the gahlen tavern. Jahka cleric of the dark lord was
ranting and said the following:
Waylumi is Nothing before Dahkoar! She is a weak, old bitch who no one should

A Great Light penetrated thru the ceiling of the tavern, smiting the dahk
cleric to her knees, and shined forth so intensely that she was blinded and nay
could move.

Then a voice spoke thusly:

Think me weak now child of darkness? My light shall shine forth and the
Darkness shall flee before me, as it did in the Ancient times of the Great War.
Repent and know the Great Love of the Light.

It always struck me how revealing the words used by Jahka, who just a few days
past was made High priestess of the dahkoar temple in Darmahk, were. Revealing
for both what they said and for what they did not say.

You will note. She did not say Waylumi does not love You. It is dahkoar who
has your well being closest to his heart. Or anything of that nature.

Rather part of Jahkas meaning clearly was that Waylumi is inferior to dahkoar
because she does not generate FEAR and consequently we can conclude that she
believes that, since dahkoars character is one that produces fear, that from us
all, trembling knees should bend and we should all bow to him lest some
catastrophe fall upon us.

Now there is much truth in the first part of what I just said: Dahkoars
character IS one that evokes fear just as Waylumis evokes Love.

You see my Friends, the Dark Lord and his minions are all about Control; and
fear is one of their Chief weapons to achieve this.
fear seeks to control while Love seeks Freedom.

How do I mean?
You know, when you first fall in love with someone, you just want to be with
them, just be in their Presence take them in, breathe in the air around them,
You bask in the feeling you have when you are around them because usually at
that point there have been no fights, nary a disagreement, complements flow
freely and often, common interest are explored together and attention is
lavished daily. You feel Loved and so you are Free to return that love

Fear does not do any of that that.
Sadly, In a relationship fear sooner or later seems to rear its head and
usually it is how we deal with that fear that often times will tell the tale of
how the relationship progresses.
Fear usually enters in after the first fight or the first time one or another
is treated wrongly.
When you are arguing with someone you claim to love, for example, and you find
yourself feeling defensive and hostile, that is fear.
You see, the fear is already within us most likely because of past experiences
or simply because we are mortal.
We all are familiar with such feelings and situations. You hear words, or a
phrase, or a certain tone of voice or simply catch a look, which creates fear
in you - fear that you are not loved, fear that you are not respected, fear
that you are not taken seriously, fear that you are being shut down, fear that
you are being misunderstood or taken for granted. Fear that you will be

And How de we respond? Usually the mortal way is not to admit these fears for
to do such would make us feel more vulnerable and elicit more fears, so we
cover our fear with anger.
We lash out at the other person. We criticize or blame them, we make them hurt
as we hurt. We ourselves turn to manipulation, possible thru withholding
affection or pulling back from aiding them in some way or another.
Fear can be is crippling. Often times, we can even misinterpret a look, phrase
or tone and At that moment, in the presence of someone who truly loves us and
is committed to us, we become fearful that we are not really loved and can
severely wound or even destroy that relationship.
All because of fear.

Worse still that fear, those insecurities we all possess ,can be used by a
wicked person to control you and get you act just as they wish. They give you
just enough kindness just enough praise, just enough reward, just enough
attention, to keep you hungering for more but never enough to make you truly
How many times have you discerned a friends lovey, to be a manipulator or bad
seed only to hear your friend respond deep down he/she is a rally nice person.
Usually the one involved in the relationship is replying in such a way because
they have mis construed flashes of aspects of love in the manipulator, as a
sign that the Mother lode of Virtue is close at hand and about to be
successfully mined if they JUST please them a little bit more, if they just
sacrifice a bit of their own virtue and principles if they just walk away from
a few more friends, if they just abandoned the Illuminated path, juuust a bit
How sorrowful it is that they do not understand those are nuggets of virtue
they see, are purposely being parceled out to them a grain at a time, in a
process of not love but sheer Manipulation.
Only too late in many cases when friends and faith have been injured beyond
repair do they realize the truth of how their fears have been used against

Such is the way of the dark lord and his clergy. In 1509 the Shadow Mistress,
Resaire during a sermon said the following on how to deal with people who are a
How do we deal with a hindrance accordingly? That depends on the hindrance.
Sometimes it becomes easier simply to take your weapon to it and dispose of it.

Sometimes however, it becomes worth more to deal with it in another manner. To
wrap something around itself, twisting it until even they do not understand how
their thoughts changed, can at times be more challenging, but will ultimately
be worth more to Him.

That is the way of dahkoar. Manipulation, and fear.
Thuru fear of life they will tell you, that you must act wickedly and walk in
darkness to succeed and even survive.
You must dominate others ro be dominated yourself. You must take from others or
they will take from you. You must kill others for their gear or how else will
you stand against others better armed who would do you harm?
Twist the truth, strike fear in their hearts and corrupt the person, is the was
of dahkoar.

To be sure, You are nothing but a tool to the dark lord, and his lackeys; an
instrument to be corrupted that you may better enhance his power.

However the way of the Light rather than a path of fear is an Illuminated path
of love.

FOR, when I am in the place of true and abiding love, I am not having anxiety
about whether I am loved, whether I am secure, whether I will be exploited, or
whether something I say is going to become ammo for someone else's next nasty
I need not fear nor wonder if they will have my back in conflict, and so I need
not fear being betrayed. I am secure, that my trust is well founded, that I am
safe with that person. That I am loved, wholly for my virtues, and that my
faults will not be hammered over my head to manipulate me but will, overtime,
become less and I shall be a better person over all because of this Great,
abiding love within my life.
True and abiding love also means I never need fear being tossed aside, nor
abandoned. This then frees me up to Love others openly in return.
True and abiding Love banishes away fear just as the Light banishes away the

This then, Love, the First of the Holy tenets is the Heart of the Illuminated
As fear is to dahkoar so abiding Love is to Waylumi.

I began this sermon by recounting the encounter Jahka had with the Lady. I
would close by pointing out that though Jahka said Waylumi should not be
feared, the Goddess did not reply by demanding she do so. Rather, after
defending her Own Holy Honor and showing the falseness of the dark clerics
words that she was weak, she counseled Jahka to
Repent and know the Great Love of the Light.

I repeat those words tonight to Jahka and to all. Turn from the darkness, Turn
from the broken immortal way and Embrace the Love of Light. Embrace the
Illuminated Way

May the Blessings of Waylumi go with you all.
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Sermon On Fear Vs Love, by Pumashukina
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