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 Sermon upon Accountability, by Agrias

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PostSubject: Sermon upon Accountability, by Agrias   Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:48 pm

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen of Ateraan. I am Agrias Saestas, Brother of the
Waylumi Clergy, and I thank you for your time and patience in allowing me to
present to you this sermon upon the subject of Accountability. But what is
Accountability? What does it mean, where does it come from? These are questions
I shall be answering shortly, with your patience.

In society, there are rules. These rules are sometimes ironclad, they are
sometimes flexible, and sometimes, they are little more than paper tigers. How
you follow them, and how you choose to represent them, is entirely up to you,
as an individual. Accountability is accepting that -you- are the sole person
responsibile for your acceptance and adherence to these rules, whatever sort of
rules there are.

Say there is a rule against chewing gum in the city. You wish to chew gum, but
you do not wish to leave the city. If you argue against the rule, or chew gum
within the city, you will be held Accountable. You recognize the rule, you
understand the rule, you break the rule, what happens to you from there is on
your own recognizance. This is Accountability.

However, we must take a step back, and realize it is not just Accountability
for the bad, but also Accountability for the good, as well. If you do good
deeds, celebrate them, for you have done good things, and should be held
Accountable for them. Recognition that what you do is what -you- do, this is

How does this affect us in our life, however? It is quite simply that it
affects how we are perceived, how we are accepted, and how we are dealt with by
our various organizations. Someone who takes pride in their work, and does
good, strong deeds for their organization, they are recognized, promoted,
emboldened, encouraged. Those who do bad deeds, or break the rules, and do not
admit it, or failt to accept that what they have done is wrong, these people
are shunned, considered pariahs, left alone.

They must be held Accountable. However, Accountability is not just a one-person
practice. There is also the Accountability of Leadership. The rules of an
organization are there to guide and strengthen the organization, and the
Leadership is there to enforce the rules. However, if all they did was punish,
if all they did was hold others Accountable for negative actions, their role
would be exceedingly limited, and all the membership would see is punishment.

The Accountability of Leadership is a delicate path, one that must be walked
carefully and trepidatiously. They must hold -themselves- Accountable to the
responsibilities of their position, their responsibilities to their
organization, and their responsibilities to their membership. They must punish.
They must praise. They must assist. They must support.

Accountability comes from the necessity of following the rules of society.
Without these rules, there is no society. However, the presence of these rules
necessitates that people -follow- these rules. But to what end? Why would I
follow a rule that would limit me, or set a burden upon my shoulders I do not
care for? Accountability. If I am held Accountable for violating this rule, the
punishment must make the thought of not following the rule I wish to break more
painful and unbearable than the thought of following this rule.

But fear of punishment alone, of being held Accountable negatively, cannot and
should not be the only reason to obey the laws and rules of society. Being held
Accountable for positive deeds, rewarded for good standing and good faith, must
also be present. Negative reinforcement alone only engenders anger and
resentment for the rules, and breaks society down. Positive reinforcement,
rewards, promotions, acknowledgment for following the rules...the
Accountability of Leadership. The awareness of Accountability, on both sides of
the question of society's equation, must be present for society, for any
community, to function.

This is Accountability. Those who act must be held responsibile for their
actions, their duties, their very ability to represent both who and what they
are, and how their choices affect their lives in the times ahead.

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Sermon upon Accountability, by Agrias
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