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 Sermon: Letters to hate, by Parallain

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PostSubject: Sermon: Letters to hate, by Parallain   Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:08 am

Posted to the holy room board Mar 26th, 2017

Letters to Hate

Faithmates, Citizens, people of all lands and races. The topic of my talk
today is HATE, and how we mere mortals can sometimes sing songs, write letters
and poetry from our hearts, and sling barbs from our tongues that foster HATE.
This incoporeal aspect of spirit that none of us start out reaching for, yet
ultimately still becomes the guiding force of many a lost soul. I want to
explore the origins of this invisible, all-consuming force that threatens all
who tread this mortal coil.

Why should i care so much about HATE? .. I can explain. .. I have been taken by
this force, so completely that i raised my arm against those that i love ..and
some that i don't. I extended my voice against those to whom i am bonded by
faith. I shamed all that i am, and everything i hope to become. I let the
incoporeal form into existence and reach its blackened tendrils into every part
of my being. I gave in and let it overcome me. I became it, and in doing,
allowed that moment grow into my darkest hour. I murdered, i attacked, i
denounced. I was nothing. .. A shadow of my former self. I speak now in
contrition for my actions, but also to educate those whom hate has brushed, yet
have not fallen so deeply to its void as i did.

All of this has led me to pursue deep thought about the origins of hate. I
asked myself, why, where, when, how could such a thing extend its roots into
me, or anyone. After all, are we not all born equal? Innocent and new,
without a care for the past, the ills of our parents, their parents, our
ancestors, their petty or not so petty wars and cultural differences? Is it
not true that when we are born all is new and without form, that we become
students? Students of existence, of life, of the world and our families. Each
time we open our ears, eyes or extend our hands we receive a new lesson, every
interaction leaves an impression and becomes a page in our internal journal,
for the rest of our lives. We look to our parents, our families, friends,
teachers, the other people in our homes and villages as guides for how, and
indeed who we will be.

We lack inherent moral context. I speak here from the perspective of a Cleric
of Light, i know that moral context is different depending on who you are, how
you have lived, who you serve, where you are from, and so on. With that in
mind, i would like to observe that moral context to us is derived from the same
space as the life lessons we absorb from the the moment of leaving the womb,
and on through the rest of our existence on the mortal coil.

If our family and friends are moral deviants who thieve, lie, murder, bear
false witness and, or are fraudulent in other ways, for whatever reasons. We
learn that these things are not only acceptable, but a part of life, and
perhaps a way to get ahead, gain approval, or to get what we want. More and
especially so, if these same family and friends are kind and loving to their
own, those within the circle of trust. We learn the morality that exists
according to the group or family we belong to. What happens without is another
matter, so long as the rules of the family are maintained, it is of little
consequense. So someone within this environment becomes conditioned to feel
that all actions taken for the benefit of the family are acceptable. When
they are tasked to steal, spy, loot, murder, or otherwise harm someone out of
this sphere, do they undertake this with hate in their heart? I would suggest
not, .. i would suggest that their actions become business, nothing more. The
feelings of those on the receiving end are not taken into account in any small
way. They become targets, little more than game to a gaggle of hunters. They
are not hated or despised, they are just neccesary in order for the family to
fulfill its percieved goals according to whatever ideals it has.

Likewise, those who have family and friends who show compassion and love to all
they meet, who work for their bread and share it with others. These friendly
folk who embrace souls who have bared teeth in anger, or who do wrong against
them; who yet still make efforts try to ease the suffering in their lives.
They too uphold a moral context, albeit a sligtly different one which extends
beyond the self, the group and out into the world. One could suppose they are
so full of compassion and love, that they are out of reach of hate. That their
tireless efforts for the good provide them with a shield against the bad. Yet
i do not believe this is so. Not all of them are born into and grow with the
moral context they embrace, some will have lived harsh lives, where they have
often fallen prey to the hate and villany of others. Still others will have
lived all but perfect lives, not able to remember the last day without a kind
word spoken to them, or the last day they had to live without food. Together
though, they have through common purpose and the caring of each other, found
that they can overcome whatever form of conditioning life has bestowed upon
them, and live in equalibrium with others. Further to this, they have found
that selflessness, humility, charity, love, are a path to spirituality and a
good life.

One might suppose these two examples are polar opposites, similar to the
perception many hold of the great gods Waylumi and Dahkoar. That one begets
hate and the other love. Yet i dont believe this is so. After all, are we not
all mortal beings? Do we not all have a point where we find anger welling
within ourselves? Is anyone here not capable of vanity or envy? This is where
the crux of hate lays. The manner of its manifestation becomes a matter of the
moral context you inherited through your life, but hate itself comes from
within us. From the negative emotions that press on us subtly when our egos
are challenged, when we dont get what we want, when we feel injustice or
betrayal, and especially when we experiance real unanswered injustice or

Of couse the events of a mortals life can make a person less or more resilient
to negative emotions, however i believe that is a discussion for another day.
The truth of it is, that everyone feels negativity from time to time, for a
varity of reasons, and if you are not careful, the pressure can build over many
cycles of moons until you are positively overflowing with rage and the dreaded
HATE. No good has or can ever come from this, if someone can point out a time
that can counter this statement, i would love to hear it.

Now, those of you in attendance who are still awake at this juncture, might be
praying to whatever deity you hold to chest in the hope that i will get to my
point sooner rather than later. Well here it is.

I have a moral context that is quite clear, i believe as a cleric of light, i
would fall somewhere close to my second example. Yet still i was overcome by
the pressure of negativity that built up inside me, i am living proof that
no-one is immune to feeling this way. Yet as terrible as i feel for my actions
that day, i also believe that mistakes are an opportunity to grow and learn.
If there is one message i would like to impart to you today, it is this.

Know thyself. Understand when you feel envy, anger, grief. Understand the
source. Usually it comes from without, it may or may not be bolstered by your
own moral context, and your moral context may help you decide how to deal.
However, the moment you forget to understand, rise to anger, lose control. You
have lost the battle with hate.

If you Know Thyself, no negative influence will ever affect your feelings about
yourself, others or anything else, enough to foster hate. Always remember that
the more you endure, the more endurance you have. Stay Vigilant, and for those
that understand my faith, you all know which tenet to read. For all those with
interest, look to the parchment on the wall of the western enclave in the
temple of light for further counsel. Blessings Upon you all. All Praise to
the Goddess!!
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Sermon: Letters to hate, by Parallain
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