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 Sermon on Fences, by Lyranna

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PostSubject: Sermon on Fences, by Lyranna   Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:06 pm

Posted to the holy room board Mar 1st, 2017


When I was young, there was a stream down at the end of our property. In the
summer it was a wonderful place to cool off, but in the spring when the snow
melted, there were times when it was a treacherous place to play. I was about
six when one of the neighborhood boys fell into a stream on their property.
Luckily, his father was nearby and pulled him out, and the only pain they
suffered was a bit of a chill.

But that could have been a terrible tragedy, and I spent most of that spring
and summer herding my younger siblings away from the water because my parents
were so worried one of us would fall in. My parents also kept one eye on us,
and the other on their work all spring, and I'm not sure how anyone got
anything done.

But that summer, we started digging posts for fences, and by the time the next
spring rolled around, there was a fence all along the bank to keep us
younglings away from the river, and a gate on one end near the best swimming
spot to let us out when the weather got warmer.

That year, we had an extremely good crop. Not because the weather was better
than in previous years, or because we had better seeds, but because my parents
were able to work without constantly keeping an eye on us. We had much more fun
that year too, because we could roam right up to the fence and not worry about
falling in or getting yelled at.

Fences are built not just to keep things in, but also to keep things out. They
provide firm boundaries. They show you where you may not go, and keep you safe
within from any dangers that might come calling. And these are the sort of
boundaries that the Lady Waylumi provides for us in Her tenets. Not a list of
do's and don'ts, but a guide to living your life in a way that lead to dwelling
eternally with the light.

'Let every act, word, and deed shine with the honor befitting followers of
Waylumi.' Following Lady Waylumi is not about being punished for your
shortcomings and failures, or making sure that you have enough tallies on the
good side of things to outweigh those times you mess up. It is about the way
that your personal path reflects your beliefs.

Is it important to you to be compassionate toward others? Do you care about
doing the right thing, even when it is also the difficult thing? Do you want
others to meet you, and know, not because you wear a shiny pendant or holy
armour, but because of the way you act and speak, that you are a follower of
the Light?

If you do, you need to build a fence around your heart and around your mind
first. This is the fence that will be tested most often in your daily life.
'Refuse the temptation to adopt its ways, for darkness only creates darkness.'
Temptation isn't the act, it's when you consider doing it and start making up

The fence we place around our thoughts and feelings is the one that keeps us
from crossing the line from doing what is right to doing what we want to be
right. Sometimes the difference is very hard to discern, but it starts by
holding the tenets in your heart and mind. The tenets are the posts and rails
of that fence.

When you make a point of thinking about what the tenets are telling you to do,
of overcoming the urge to rationalize and indulge your wants, you will find
that it slowly becomes easier and more natural to follow the path of the light.
You can run right up to that fence, because you know that the guideline will
keep you from going where you shouldn't.

'Walk firm knowing justice and freedom in the good marked path.' The freedom of
the light isn't the kind of freedom where you get to do whatever you want, and
there are no repercussions. The freedom we are talking about is one where you
understand your boundaries.

Like the fence that my family built when I was young, the tenets weren't
created as a punishment, they are born out of love for us. 'It holds not the
tricking snares of lies or deceits but the truth that is the Light's
salvation.' Lady Waylumi did not provide the tenets so that she could scorn our
weaknesses, she gave them because she wants each of us to one day become a part
of the Light itself.

If you know Lady Waylumi's tenets, you should know by now that this sermon was
focused on the tenet of Honor. This tenet isn't about a general definition of
honor, but a very specific one: the honor of the Light. Honor in this case is
meant to be integrity and upright behavior, walking the path that you claim as
a follower of the Light.

How well do you walk that path? How much of the Light do others see in you? How
many of you would be proud to have someone follow in your footsteps?

And that is the key. Why building up fences and following the path of the
tenets is so important to us as followers of Lady Waylumi. Each one of us will
have others in our lives who look up to us. Who want to follow in our

'Show them the way of the Light so they too will shine.'
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Sermon on Fences, by Lyranna
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