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 Polka Dotted Elephants, by Shora

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PostSubject: Polka Dotted Elephants, by Shora   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:41 pm

Given sometimes back in 2012...

Purple flyin' elephants with pink polka dots

My sermon is on purple flying elephants with pink polka dots. Now some of you may be thinking, “What a strange topic to give a sermon on.” And “She can’t be serious.” However I am.

Now what we know about elephants is that they are large mammal creatures. Massive in sizes but smaller then mastodons, and hairless with big flappy ears. Now theses ear may lead to young children, and those high or mentally disturbed that they can fly, however this isn’t the case. Most elephants use their large ears to hear, or fan themselves. You can also identify elephants by these ears. No two elephants have the same ears, some are bigger or smaller, and some have holes and notches in them. Each one different from the next.

Elephants also have long trunks that they can use to suck up water into. Either to drink or bathe with. These trunks easily bend around like a big strong arm to do many things with. It’s also been said that elephants can create their own alcohol in their trunks, and can rival drinking with dwarves.

These are your standard elephants. Now going in depth on elephants is the mythical purple elephant with pink polka dots. It is said that this elephant can fly by magical means and flapping its ears, and tail for steering. It is believed that these elephants only appear to those who have consumed copious amounts of alcohol, and are extremely endangered among the sober population.

The pink polka dots on their skin allows for them to psychedelically confuse people as they move around. The dots drawing in your attention and seemingly grow smaller and larger as you watch it. However, be careful when this begins to happen, because it allows for them to move in closer to you without your noticing and pick pocket you. They are attracted to shiny objects, and will likely steal your coin, or hair brush. Because while they are mostly hairless, they do have a tuff of hair on the top of their heads that they like to keep silky smooth.

Some of you may not believe that these creatures even exist. You have never seen one and they only show up when you are drunk. But just because this is their habits does not mean they aren’t real. May people have not seen a unicorn, but they still exist. Just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Now, some of you may be wondering what any of this has to do with Waylumi. That answer is faith. Faith is more than saying you are devoted to this god, or you believe in this. It is in the way you show it. How you act as a devote of the religion you follow, and how deep it runs in you.

If you never see the Lady, or hear her voice or fell her presences, does she still exist? Of course she does. Just because you yourself have never seen her, does not mean that she is not there. Faith is more than seeing with your eyes. Faith is more than just believing in what those around you believe in. It’s feeling with your heart and soul, with all your being that what you follow is right.

Some of you may have felt her presence before, or have heard her voice. Or may have even seen her, and to those who have your faith in her should be strengthen in its foundation. For the lady has seen fit to show you she is watching. That she is paying attention.

Sometimes though your faith may waver. This is understandable, for we are all mortals and question things when we have our moments of doubts. But it is up to you to not let the seeds of darkness grow within you. Do not simply sit back silently and let it take over you, letting your faith in her be eaten away by doubt. Do what you can to reinstate you beliefs, and should you need help with such and following the path of Waylumi, look to your fellow faith mates and clerics for guidance. When you go through a moment of doubt, and come through it on the other side and still believe, your faith can be strengthen from the experience, and you know better how to help those who also go through the same.

We should always be trying to strengthen and deepen our understanding and faith in her. To always be willing to reach out and spread her love and wisdom to others, and stand honorably to defend her in the face of advisory. Even if we can or cannot see her.

So in conclusion the flying purple elephant with pink polka dots is a solitary creature of habit. Only appearing when someone is extremely drunk and taking their coins and hair brush. They appear rarely and are extremely endangered. Should you find one be wary of it and keep an eye on your valuables, but do what you can for the creature as its population is being wiped out daily.

As for your faith, it is like the flying purple elephant. Just because you have never seen it, and can’t wear it like a badge on your chest, does not mean it doesn’t exist. It can be strong or weak from person to person, but as long as you have faith in the Lady her love for you will help to guide you along the right path.
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Polka Dotted Elephants, by Shora
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