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 Character sermon, by Sola

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PostSubject: Character sermon, by Sola   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:19 pm

Posted to the holy room board May 4th, 2016

what is it? How do we build it?

Welcome one and all to the temple of Light. My name is Sola for those of you who don't know me. I am the Lightbearer of the Waylumi faith and today I wish to speak to you about character.

First of all, let me ask you all this

What is character? Would anybody like to take a guess and try to answer?
(Wait a few moments for people to answer)

Character is defined as mental or moral qualities distinct to an individual. In simple terms, it's what makes me me and all of you who you are. But what exactly makes us who we are? Philosophers have two theories and have debated this for many years. The debate is that of nature versus nurture. Allow me to explain in more detail what this means. Those who believe in the Nature side say that we are born who we are and that we will continue to be thus no matter what experiences we go through while Nurture say you are who you are as a result of what you have gone through more than you are simply born as such. How many of you believe in the Nature side of the debate? Please raise your hands.
(Wait for raised hands)
Now who here believes the Nurture side?
(Wait for raised hands)
Does anybody here believe in a mixture of the two? (Wait again)

Now let me tell you a story. I won't tell it all at once. I will tell it bit by bit. Once there was village surrounded by a lush forest. A single cabin sat in the forest. Residing in this cabin was a mother and her daughter. Surrounding the cabin was flowers, fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs. The two lived peacefully for several years. Until one night, some burglars broke into the house, stole some thing, and set the house on fire. The daughter smelling smoker an out of the house like she was taught and after 15 or 20 ticks with no sight of her mother the girl ran back in. Some villagers saw the smoke and came running, dumping buckets of water to help put out the fire while the girl pressed on further into the house, burning and severely scarring her right hand and even the bright flames blinded her. The villagers pulled several bodies from the remains

One belonging to the mother and the other to the robbers. The villagers abandoned the young girl after realizing she had lost her sight and left her to fend for herself. The child had never hunted, without her sight, she could not
tell what plants were venomous and what was not. Would anybody like to take a guess as to what happened to the you child?
(wait for replies)

The girl survived somehow learning to hunt and figured out by smell and texture what plants were safe to eat and what could be used for medicinal purposes. Now, the next trial awaited her. Whatever village or city she visited, nobody wanted her. She was ostracized because she was blind and often left hungry and cold. This cycle of finding cities, hoping someone would help her only to be isolated lasted over a decade. How do you think this affected her character?

Where is she now? She found a city that welcomed her. A cleric healed her sight and after years of hateful anger and cold bitterness, she began to feel warmth and compassion. She stands before you now. I am that girl. I have seen both good and bad alike but I know how it feels to be unwanted and rather than be the victimizer like I had gone through for so long, I have chosen to dedicate my time to helping others so they won't feel the same. We have the power to choose what we become. We can become that which we experience or we can choose a different route to take. You heard my tale. I have suffered so much, but rather than direct that misery at others, I chose to let it motivate me in helping people. Every experience even bad ones can build character, but in the end it is up to you on how you let it build. That is all. Thank you all for attending. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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Character sermon, by Sola
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