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 Sermon on Compassion, by Alyxiah

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PostSubject: Sermon on Compassion, by Alyxiah   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:08 pm

Posted to the holy room board Jul 16th, 2015

Greetings, and I am so glad that you have all shown up to hear what I have to

Many refer to these discussions as sermons, however I am not entirely sure that
term would apply to this, as most would define it. I am not here to preach at
you about what you are doing wrong, nor condemn or demean you or your ways of
life. I only wish to talk to you and to perhaps teach, for those who wish to

So. With that said, I ask you.. What is compassion? When should we have it? Who
should have it? Is Compassion the simple action of pity and sympathy for
someone we believe to be in trouble? No, it is not. The essence of Compassion
is found far deeper than that and it extends to cover many things in our lives.
A person does not always have to be in trouble, for us to feel compassion, but
sometimes it is merely that they need more than they have.

To feel compassion is to feel a deep desire to help this person, or even just a
creature, that may need something. We feel compassion the strongest when we
know there is nothing more we can give them. When we are forced to watch them
in need, yet cannot provide what it is they need.

But when should we have it? When they need it. Not simply when they want it,
but when they need it. The basis of all compassion is that one simple word.
Need. There is so much that could be said about that one word, but, well, that
is something to save for another time.

I ask you this question, to consider within yourselves along with my final
thoughts. Who should have Compassion?

There are times in all of our lives that we feel compassion for someone or
something. Even those with the coldest heart and the darkest secret, have felt
it, perhaps only as a child toward their favorite pet. Compassion is not a
weakness that needs to be cast out.

It is, in fact, a great strength for it reminds us that we are not immune to
hardship, trials, and pains in life. To feel Compassion, is to understand that
one day we may have been or may be the one on the other side of needing help.

No life is born full of malice. It is something that grows in time, and there
will always be a time before it, where compassion existed and had the chance to
grow. I ask that each of you keep this in mind as you continue through your
daily lives, be mindful not to let the bitterness of life take away your
ability to feel compassion.

We all face things in our lives that tend to harden us to the suffering of
those around us. We must always be vigilent not to become blind to the
suffering, for it is then that we lose ourselves. So I say this to you, before
we part ways and you continue with your evening.. Always remember that there
may come a time in your life, when your own well being may depend on the
compassion of another person, towards you.
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Sermon on Compassion, by Alyxiah
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