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 Informational Gathering/Sermon, by Pryscylla

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PostSubject: Informational Gathering/Sermon, by Pryscylla   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:02 pm

Posted to the holy room board Feb 9th, 2015

Thank you all for coming, to listening to the words, and to allowing myself, others, and most of all the goddess herself, to come perhaps into your hearts this afternoon, and to help guide your path. I pray that we shall proceed in peace, and that Waylumi gives me the strength to preach in her name, and carry me with her wisdom throughout this day. Waylumi Bless

The Goddess of Light, shows herself to be a Deity of compassion, one who only cares about the well being and safety of others. Aiding those who need the help, and healing the sick, protecting those who are less fortunate, and turning weaknesses into strengths. She blesses us with her own ways, through her clerics, and through her light, allowing us to pass on her love, to help those in need. Waylumi is the embodiment of good, and a Goddess of Love, of Honour, of Wisdom, and of Vigilance.

The Tenets of Waylumi are of; Love, Honour, Wisdom, and Vigilance. They are guidelines of sorts to Waylumi, but they are more than that, they are also a way of life. We all try to dedicate ourselves to these, and follow them with both our words and what we do during everyday life. Not just 'rules' or such as of others, but of how we all would use every day, guiding us toward the lightened path to help and protect.

Though I said "try" because we are all normal, and we sometimes fail to live within the words of the Divine Lady. Though do not despair, as we seek the Lady's forgiveness and we look to her to see how to remedy what we have done wrong. So in the future, we do not make such mistakes again. Remember, our Lady is a very kind and loving one, who does not wish for us to be wrought with sorrow or pain, but instead happiness and for us to prosper.

As we can see, the first Tenet is Love. Waylumi has this in her heart for forgiveness, compassion, and fellowship. The Tenet of Love, holds a place deep within all, as she wishes happiness and love to all things. The Clergy wish to
spread the love of the goddess to all of those that need it. To help them find Love in their own hearts, for the same fellowship and compassion that the goddess wants all of us to feel. Within this, we learn to be generous and
compassionate with her blessings. 'More blessed still are those who shall turn away from the darkness to see the ever living day' the tenet says, and that is fully true. Some have sought repentance, and are now even more blessed as the tenet says, and are loving every day, helping now to spread the lady's love.

While we are kind, and loving, we also are said to walk the path of the second tenet, Honour. Most of us hold the meaning of Honor to be only with a fighter or Garrison, but that is not true. The goddess holds Honour as we must walk with truth in our hands, and to be free from the dark temptations. We must know justice and freedom, and to be the protection of those who need it. The Tenet states, ' shadow follows close behind' and that 'Walk firm knowing justice and freedom in the good marked path, for it holds not the tricking snares of lies or deceits but the truth'. The darkness spreads lies, and hatred, wanting to pit ourselves against each other, as that is its only weapon, but with Honour, we see those lies, and push them away.

Now in order for us to hold this truth in hand, and to be honorable, we must have the third tenet of Wisdom. Now do not mistake intelligence for wisdom. Wisdom is the knowing of right and wrong. The most intelligent person, can lack wisdom if they do not know right from wrong. We must show our wisdom to know how we respond to a situation. If we are to back down and be passive, or to bear arms. ' Show compassion where compassion must reign, but know true when the time has come to fight. Be as the dove with mace in claw' it says, and we all will protect what we hold dear, just as we all would protect the Kingdom. 'A path of peace you walk, but always must you be prepared to defend the Light and the cause of the Divine Lady', once more confirming, we walk that path of
peace, using that wisdom to prepare and protect, only if absolutely needed.

Vigilance, the final tenet of the goddess. What does it mean to be vigilant? Well it means that we must push on, no matter what is against us. 'Hold courage and valor in your hearts to shield yourself and others from the darkness that seeks to destroy'. The darkness has show itself to be vile, conjuring up wraiths, diseases, even seeking out and attacking hopefuls in our own temple. But we are Vigilant! 'shining Eternal from all things that shine with
illumination, both within and without' Waylumi blesses us with her strength, courage, and her wisdom to protect and help others so we must go forth, being Vigilant to resist the dark tendrils of corruption, and to continue in the path
to light, pure and with her love.

It is with these Tenets, that we dedicate our lives to doing. To Love all, and show compassion. To show Honor, and be of truth and protection. To have Wisdom, and know right from wrong. To stand strong with Vigilance, to stand tall and strong, never to falter in our faith. Guiding our lives, and our faith, to help those in need.

Now I shall talk on some of the Clergy life.

We all have our own way to teach the ways of Waylumi, but we all spread the grace of her. As I stated earlier, we use wisdom in order to tell us if we should fight or not. We of course do not like to take arms, and will not do so
lightly. We all stand together as one, unfaltering in protection of the those in need. Like the dove, with mace or sword in claw, we are peaceful, but will not hesitate to defend our faith. Just as I have been preaching about, the
Tenets guide our actions, and we all do the best to live in her light just as many others try their best to do.

Though the Clergy are not the only ones who serve the goddess. There are many devoted to Waylumi, that spread her blessings, from the Mages, Merchants, Garrison, and even rogues. Their insight can sometime help the Clergy on
matters, and they can even take the love and compassion of the goddess back to their home and guilds, showing them as well. The devoted and Clergy all are one big family, and we all help each other.

We all stand as one, with the tenets of Love, Wisdom, honour, and Vigilance! protecting those in need, spreading her love and compassion, healing the wounded, in the name of the Divine Lady! I thank everyone for joining me today in talking about the Divine Lady, in her own Temple. May her blessings of love and compassion spread into your hearts and help guide your path. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them!
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Informational Gathering/Sermon, by Pryscylla
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