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This is a forum for New Worlds: Ateraan faith, Waylumi.
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:45 pm

Because I'm a terrible person, I'm copy pasting the rules from the New Worlds forums here. I think they apply rather well.

All rules that apply in game apply on these forums, however, the forums are not "in game" so extra rules apply here as well. Generally speaking the follow rules shall be adhered to:

1. Respect other members of the Forums.
2. Keep your topics and posts within the categories set in the Forums.
3. Do NOT post about ongoing Roleplay that is current in the game.
4. Do NOT post about specific players in a negative fashion.
5. Do NOT give away areas or break help areas within these Forums. Make sure you read help areas and follow everything in it on these forums.
6. Do NOT talk about guild powers in specifics.
7. Do NOT use these Forums or the members here as avenues of promotion for other games or ventures.
8. Try to maintain proper editing and length of posts. Absurdly long posts are rarely read in their entirety.
9. Game mechanics, Guild powers, Secret areas, and other in game things should not be discussed except in the case of suggestions or discussing problems. Even then specifics should not be discussed.
10. Keep your posts POSITIVE. You may post suggestions or complaints as long as they are in the vein of constructive criticism and not negative threads that detract from the enjoyment of the players.

Other Rules will be added as needed.


Thank you!
Shora's player

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Forum Rules
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