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 Not an event but...

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PostSubject: Not an event but...   Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:36 pm

A place to hold one!

Banquette hall

Raised aloft from the main entrance of the Waylumi temple, resting upon four pillars of marble sits this spacious hall. Simple in design, yet still not lacking beauty, the hall resonates with light. Two dove shaped lanterns are mounted several feet up in each corner of the room. Above hangs a magnificent silver chandelier. Long tables sit just off each wall, with chairs lining them. The walls are made of smooth granite, with windows that allow clear view of the city to the south, and lush forests to the north. The floor is made from marble, kept pristine and shining. A huge stained glass window depicting a dove with wings spread wide fills the north wall. A pulpit from which sermons can be given rests below, bathed in rich colors as light shines through.

Carved and molded from silver with six long arms curving down from the center. At the end of each arm rests six lanterns carefully placed. The radiant glow of the lanterns shines not only down on the floor below but reflects brilliantly off of the polished silver. Even in the darkest of night, fully light there is no doubt the hall would cast away all shadow and be clearly visible throughout the city below.


Carved from hardwood and stained to deep hues, these tables are fifteen feet long by six wide. Meant to comfortably seat many people. They line each of the east, west, and south walls.


Ample chairs line each table. Each is well made oak of the Silverwoods, the seat bottoms and backs alternating between white and yellow silks. The padding is quite plush. You’ve no doubt that even through a long sermon, meeting, or any other even that there would be no discomfort.


The polished marble swirls about in a stunning display of nature’s beauty. Shades of white, grey, even bits of blue and green laces through in patters laid out by ages upon ages of times.


Made from many pieces of colored glass of all shades, the window is a stunning work of art. The dove sores through light blue sky with bright sun at its back. Grasped in its talons is a silver mace. Outlining the entirety of the window are the words, “Love, Honor, Wisdom, Vigilance” in yellow, blue, magenta, and bronze shaded glass.
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Not an event but...
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