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 Sermon of Vigilance, by Pryscylla

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PostSubject: Sermon of Vigilance, by Pryscylla   Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:55 pm

Posted on the holy room board Jun 28th, 2014

Waylumi; The Goddess of Light, The Goddess of Love, The Goddess of Honor, The Goddess of Wisdom, and The Goddess of Vigilance. She shows herself to be a Deity of compassion, one who only cares about the well being and safety of others. Aiding those who need the help, and healing the sick. Waylumi is the embodiment of good, and the Goddess of Light.

I wish to touch on one thing, and one thing only...Vigilance! The fourth Tenet of Waylumi, aside it is Wisdom, Honor, and Love. I will quote it as a prelude, then I shall start my talk.

The Vigilance of the Light. The Light is ever watchful, shining Eternal from all things that shine with illumination, both within and without. Hold courage and valor in your hearts to shield yourself and others from the darkness that
seeks to destroy. To fear not the dark for in victory thou shalt gain the lands but in defeat thou shalt be called up to Waylumi and become a part of the Light itself. Thou shall dwell within the eternal light where the immortal battle is waged and the true victory is won. So with zeal and fervor rule the day and bring radiance to the night

Now, the light is ever watchful, as the tenets say. Waylumi always is watching, she wishes not for harm to come to us, so she watches over us, to protect us. She gives her blessings to her followers, for them to pass out her blessings onto those who need it. If you are hurt, and cry for help, Waylumi will hear your call, as well as her devout followers, and they will be sure to help you push on. For that is Waylumi's way, of compassion, protection, and love.

All things shine eternal, as our hearts are pure, and full of the love, and compassion Waylumi blesses us with. Giving us the strength to resist the temptations and tendrils of darkness that lurk in the heart of man. I am not saying that we are evil and filled with darkness, but we all have did things we are not proud of that are deep within us.

I say this because I know, I have my own pain, and it hurts me. but I know that if I did not have the Lady's Vigilance, or others help, I might have let that pain overtake me. It would dwell in me and allow guilt, pain, and more seep into me from the memory. We must not let these things overtake us, and not dwell in them. We must learn from our mistakes and better ourselves from it. We must not think of our weaknesses as weaknesses, but as greater strengths that have not yet come forth.

"We must hold Courage and Valor in our hearts to shield ourselves and others from the darkness that seeks to destroy", the tenet says.

Yes!, we must hold courage and valor, for we must again, have the courage to stand up for what is right and protect what we hold dear, be it our love, our faith, or even our kingdom. Those who know me, know that I am a very happy person. I do not talk much and I love to listen. though , I have broken my normal silence, to protect my faith and what i believed in. I say this because we must have Vigilance to speak up and protect for what we believe.

Lastly, the tenet says, "Fear not the dark for in victory thou shalt gain the lands but in defeat thou shalt be called up to Waylumi and become a part of the Light itself. Thou shall dwell within the heavens where the immortal battle is waged and the true victory is won."

What this means is that, in our victory we will have protected the land, and have made it safe from those who wish to harm anyone and our Lady. Though should we fall in battle, and Waylumi in her wisdom bring us into the heavens, we will fight the final battle, and where we will truly win and drive out the darkness.

To end this, and to be my closing statement, I wish to speak of what Vigilance is to me as it is the tenet closest to me.

To be vigilant is to continue to push on, no matter the force against us. Waylumi blesses us and embarks upon us her strength, her courage, and her wisdom, to help us push against the dark forces. We all must have the vigilance
within our hearts to forever resist the dark temptations of evil ones, and to protect all others from the influence of those who wish to cause others harm.

Thank you for reading this sermon i made, and any questions you have please feel free to ask, as I will try my best to answer them to the best of my ability. If I am not able to, I am sure that one of the many other Clergy members could assist you. i pray that everyone who reads this, will finish with some light in their hearts, have a wonderful and blessed day and waylumi bless!
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Sermon of Vigilance, by Pryscylla
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