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 Sermon: A Strong fellowship:Sharpening the Holy Life, bu Pumashukina

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PostSubject: Sermon: A Strong fellowship:Sharpening the Holy Life, bu Pumashukina   Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:59 pm

Posted on the holy room board Nov 20th, 2013

Sermon on Strong fellowship: Sharpening Life

I do not need to be devoted to follow Waylumi.I am devoted to Waylumi but I block my mind off to the Faith , most of the time.I do not need to join the Faith to be a good person.I like to be independent. I am a rogue after all. I
keep Waylumis ways in my heart anyways so There is no need for me to join the Faith.

I would like to begin this sermon by telling you some of the reasons I have had people tell me for why they either do not devote, or why it is acceptable for them to be devoted but not have much of anything to do with the Fellowship of believers here in Gahlen.

Now you may have noticed all the I statements in each of those sentences. If you did, you are on to one of the main problems with that doctrine the focus on self and what the fellowship can do for themselves.

Waylumi commands us to Stand firm together with unity to be a strong fellowship that spread the love of Waylumi within and without.

We are not to simply be INDIVIUAL believers, worshiping and following Waylumi alone as we wish, with little or no contact with our brothers in sisters in faith but rather we are to be a Strong Fellowship.


Well, let me use the analogy of sword. By itself a sword can be somewhat effective but if one is serious about being prepared for battle, one will have their sword given a combat grip and a Combat sharpening.

Of course you can go into battle with a dull blade but if you need not do so why would you? And if you are a soldier and your commander has ordered you to be as well prepared at all times for the Life you have chosen, is it wise to
disobey so that you are that much less effective?

So it is with the true follower of Waylumi for Followers of the Divine Light are to be Ready , Useful, helpful and productive in life and society.

So to be Sharpened is to be ready, useful, and productive in life and society it means to be joined together and grow to meet the challenges in life through faith and Obedience to the Light

So how do we go about being spiritually sharpened?

First We need to seek those who can Sharpen us and we need to seek those whom we can Sharpen in life too. Our purpose should always be to help a person become complete and ready in every area of Holy Living.

For let us not forget that the Mortal Way is NOT the Illuminated Way.

The Holy tenet says: Waylumi holds Her heart not for wickedness, but forgives those who are earnest and welcomes them into the salvation of the Light.

Salvation means the act of saving or the state of being saved. So what is the Light saving us from?

The broken way we have been living and the Darkness that seems to destroy.

To live this new life and to help others live it we must be sharpened and be sharpeners ourselves.

In preparation for this sermon I asked Tringha, for some facts on sharpening a sword and here are a few of what she told me:

First the weapon you are sharpening must be pointed. Then a stone is wetted and run methodically across the edge of the blade one side and then another.

It came to my mind as she told me this that the stone MUST be in contact with the weapon to sharpen it. So it is with our fellowship. If you are not in contact and actively a part of the Waylumi faith, if you are not having
relationship with fellow and like minded believers, you will not be sharpened nor will you do any sharpening yourself.

I also asked Tringha if a special stone was used or could you simply pick up any old stone off the forest floor and use it.

She said: in theory you could use any old stone, it would take far more effort and you might not like your result, the results are going to be better in a stone thats been shaped to work with the persons hand.

Again there is an analogy here to the Spiritual: we, like that stone, will be far more effective in aiding and influencing others if we allow ourselves to be shaped by the Illuminated Way rather than the broken mortal way of life.

The Sharpening stone therefore, sharpens as it is in contact and in order to really Sharpen and not damage, ruin or make more dull the sharpening, has to be done right.

So it is with us. We Sharpen one another by Influencing each other. But it is important to Influence one another in a right way.

We should therefore: Teach, Encourage, Set a noble Example, explain with patience, Exhort, Urge, Spur each other on toward love, Honor, Wisdom, Vigilance, standing against wickedness and for Justice. Commit noble deeds, be
compassionate, patient and long suffering to the best you can be and do not allow yourself to be deceived by the cunning plans and half truths of the enemy.

Be a strong FELLOWSHIP! Communing with One another; coming alongside each other. For it is certain, that we need each other. And that It is ESSENTIAL for us and others in the Sharpening Process!

One thing is for certain: you cannot Sharpen one another by being Indifferent, OR by being Independent, or by walking in communion and friendship with the wicked.

We must be COMMITTED. We must be Active. And we must be and In Relationship, Influencing each other to Holy Living, to the Illuminated Way!.

As I close this sermon and you all go your own ways about your lives I would ask that you ponder over a few questions:

Who Influences You? Who are you Influencing? What purpose are you being Influenced for life? And How are you Influencing others to be ready for life ?

My best friends are the ones who brings out the best in me.

And what's true of good friends is true of a good Faith. They love you and they help you aspire to grow and be whole.

We need to be there for each other, because we NEED each other.

May the Illuminated Way of the Divine Light guide you and may you know Glorious gift of Devotion.
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Sermon: A Strong fellowship:Sharpening the Holy Life, bu Pumashukina
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