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This is a forum for New Worlds: Ateraan faith, Waylumi.
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 This Forums Purpose

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PostSubject: This Forums Purpose   Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:40 pm

The purpose of this forum is much like the New Worlds Ateraan Forum, but is aimed at the Faith of Waylumi and it's players(both cleric players and devotee players). It's main purpose is to clean up the holy room board of dozens of sermons by older players that we simply don't want to get ride of, but want a safe place to move them too. This gives them a place to go. It's also a place for fun, interaction, community, suggestions, and a place to voice concerns.

It is not a place to voice negativity, or harassment of other players. Please do not do this. Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome however. Just remember, if you're feuding in character that this is out of character, and that these are real people, with real lives.

Thank you!
Shora's player
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This Forums Purpose
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